Episode #139 – An Adventure in Libel

Is Al too edgy? Did you fast for Mitt Romney? New Pass-Along Cards! We offer General Conference predictions. What do you hope to hear in General Conference?

Happy pre-General Conference week! We’ll hit you with some General Conference predictions.

The greatest question of the week: Does Al come off as too edgy or potentially less-active? Is it time for an intervention as seen in the 2010 episode “Intervention”? Is Al Doan a racist?

Is Kevin Barney a coward?

Political roundup: McKay Coppins writes a good/great article about the David Twede excommunication “scandal;” the DC 3rd Ward welcomes the idea of Brother Mitt Romney joining its ranks; are Mormons fasting for Mitt Romney?Are LDS women second-class citizens?

Also, Russian saints do not care about Mitt Romney. Shocker.

We hit the news on various temple developments!

We also get new Pass-Along cards. Interesting! Colorful! QR codes!

The Salt Lake Tribune talks about the best of Mormon Cinema. Oxymorons be darned.

Other news: President Monson in Germany, the Mormon Bachelor fails miserably, a new Mormon Studies journal, and a newly-called bishop and full-time border patrol agent is killed. :/

  1. Russia’s Mormons don’t care about Mitt Romney
  2. The Daily Beast’s view on Mormon women
  3. DC Third Ward welcomes Mitt Romney
  4. Fasting for Romney
  5. We do not excommunicate Romney critics
  6. New pass-along cards
  7. The best of Mormon Cinema
  8. New Mormon Studies journal – Interpreter
  9. Monson goes to Germany
  10. Border Patrol agent shot and killed
  11. “Ceremonial” groundbreaking for Indianapolis Temple
  12. Buenos Aires Temple rededicated
  13. Calgary Temple open house starts

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