Episode #142 – Passive Slaps to the Face

The Boss

The Boss

Just how big has been the surge in missionary applications? We have the answer. Also, atheists shame Mormons, David Twede throws in the towel, and more!

Another week. Another successful round of Mormon news.

Mormons are adept at pushing urban legends. This past week, we saw a rumor go around that the number of missionary applications had jumped from 600 a week to 7,000 a week. The Church stepped in to clarify, and the results are still pretty staggeringly awesome.

David Twede, our favorite apostate-in-waiting, “resigns” from the Church before going through a process that would lead to excommunication. This was the guy who tried to pretend he was being hit with disciplinary action for criticizing Mitt Romney.

The Duck Beach documentary finally has a trailer, and it make sit look like MTV took over the idyllic beaches of the Outer Banks. Put some clothes on, ladies.

Atheists start shaming Mormonism. Well we shall shame you, good atheists. To shame! You are shamed!

Some quick bites: A few new LDS-related apps, MoTab hits the Midwest, the neat story of a philanthropist, and a purse thief ruins Fruit Heights for everyone.

  1. David Twede has had enough
  2. Increase in missionary applications
  3. Use of “cult” when covering Mormonism
  4. Atheists are embracing their religion
  5. New Book of Mormon app
  6. Mormon podcasts for Android (we’re in there!)
  7. MoTab in the Midwest
  8. From Duck Beach to Eternity
  9. Purse thief!
  10. A welfare system that works

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