Episode #148 – Charlie Wilson’s Missionaries

How can prospective missionaries better prepare for their missions? Al and Geoff recount their time as missionaries and offer tips. Also - recapping the First Presidency Christmas Devotional; and the 3,000th stake!

Did you enjoy the First Presidency Christmas Devotional? We did. Watch it if you missed it. You will learn how to be a more gracious recipient of gifts.

Your hosts talk about missions, specifically, preparing for them. What can be done better? What should prospective missionaries expect and upon what should they focus? We’d love your thoughts.

The 3000th stake of the Church was created this weekend in Sierra Leone. Pretty cool! Four more years! Also, Spain got two new stakes. Why wasn’t one of the Spanish ones considered No. 3000? It’s all politics! The Catalans have no reason to stick around anymore!

In college news: The University of Utah to allow mission deferments, Dixie State College debates whether to rename itself because it is a racist institution that dislikes all minorities; and Jabari Parker says he will not go on a mission just yet and will go to school for a year.

In other news: The Mormon Bachelorette is actually coming back. May mercy be upon us. Female LDS authors write a romance anthology! Mumbai is set to open for missionary work. A Christian spends a year pretending to be gay.

And young Russians protest the Church for alleged authoritarianism. Repeat: Russians are talking about problems with authoritarianism. With others. Russians.


The new Zarahemla Times!

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