Episode #153 – Don’t Trust Your Bishop

MOrning Glory
Millions of missionaries die in MTC epidemic. What does this mean for you? Is it unwise to study Doctrine and Covenants thematically? And more!


Mitt Romney is killing it in Times and Seasons’ Mormon of the Year contest. It’s Mittmania all over again!

The MTC suffers a flu epidemic, killing nearly all on board.

We discuss the pros and cons of the current format for Gospel Doctrine – thematic lessons vs. more historical ones. Which is better? We let you decide.

Congress gets an openly bisexual and formerly LDS woman. What does this mean for your weekend?

A singles ward bishop bilks his congregation out of money. It’s a sad world when we can’t just trust someone for being LDS, let alone our bishop.

Stupid trends in Mormon marketing. There seems to be a product for just about everything, and we buy them solely because we are dumb Mormons.

Also – The National Cathedral is to allow gay marriages; Elder Andersen speaks to the youth; Sunstone actually has a non-jackweed conference; MoTab dedicates its performance to the Newtown victims.

And Lehi changes the name of “Morning Glory Road.” Pity.

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