Episode #157 – The Letter “F”

The Boss

The Boss

Are there Mormon sex taboos? Mormon sex dos and don'ts? Mexico gets a new MTC. Alabama gets its first black stake president. 5 years of Thomas S. Monson!

We hope that the Super Bowl brought the spirit into your homes as much as it did into ours. That Beyonce knows how to testify!

H. David Burton receives an honorary doctorate degree, from Salt Lake Community College. Let us repeat: honorary doctorate. Community college.

Does the wording of one of the temple recommend questions need to be revisited? What does it mean to, “…support, affiliate with, or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the Church…”?

A penis-biting ex-branch president will stand trial. Thank goodness our penal system is not soft.

Mexico will be getting another MTC. No word on what this means for the existing MTC that is already in Mexico.

Does our question for perfection lead us down a slippery slope into depression?

Al has some questions for you about appropriate limits in the boudoir. You had better sacrifice the confidence of your spouse and tell him.

Other news: the Church files a brief on behalf of protection of marriage stuff; President Monson marks five years in power; a sister missionary is killed; Alabama gets its first black stake president; and David Archuleta releases a CD from the mission field!

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