Episode #164 – Celestial Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is everywhere! Your thoughts? Why has public opinion swung so drastically in favor of gay marriage? Bombs in St. George. Don't date Preston!


The Supreme Court weighs gay marriage, passionate arguments abound, and the Church sits mostly silent, awaiting the results. What are your thoughts on the evolution of public opinion within the Church on gay marriage? Should we allow gay marriage but just no celestial gay marriage?

Will gay marriage eventually lead to group marriage? Why or why not?

A young man who openly supports gay marriage was denied the opportunity to serve a mission because his views stand in contrast to official Church policy. Which side are you on, listener, that of the prospective missionary or his stake president?

In more lighthearted news, a futile attempt to “creatively” as a girl out results in the bomb squad (yes, they have those in St. George) being called in. Great job, guy.

An imp named Preston, allegedly some sort of Honor Code-shirking BYU student, creates a website to get women to go out with him. Preston is a moron.

A student at Florida Atlantic University is suspended for refusing to stomp on the name of Jesus. Shame on you, FAU. We shame you. 1st Amendment, yo!

Some recaps on last week’s episode, discuss women’s rights in the Church: an angry and apparently genuine letter to the editor in the Trib; Sheri Dew visits DC and touts the value of women in the Church.

Other news: The MTC expands into BYU housing. Just think of the levi lovin’ that will have happened in these poor missionaries’ rooms. Is Scouting a money pit? An author argues that money in the Young Women program is far better managed and spent than that in Young Men.

Oh, and some Mormons are on “The Voice,” and they just couldn’t wait to find a workaround reason to speak Spanish with Shakira. Jon Peter Lewis speaks it fluently, after all.

Let’s get our click on

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