183rd Annual General Conference Tie Tracker

General Conference Tie 2
Nothing says General Conference like our Tie Tracker! Come watch real-time results to the fashion trends of our General Authorities. Vera Wang, FTW!

This Time, General Conference Is for Real

General Conference Tie

Nothing says General Conference like our Tie Tracker! Come watch real-time results to the fashion trends of our General Authorities. Vera Wang, FTW!

Will President Eyring continue his quest for stark stripes? Will President Uchtdorf change the world and regularly be the only member of the First Presidency to change his tie for every session of General Conference? Will President Monson use passive voice??


*Note: non-whole numbers are the result of some ties that were dominated by more than one color.

Sunday Afternoon Session

Red surged a bit in the final session, and true orange never surfaced. There was some discussion about a burnt orange-like tie, but it was not enough!


Who would have thought paisley would be so well represented? Five paisley ties? Sheesh?

Stripes killed it, though, taking half of the talks of this Conference. Worth noting – many purely polka dot ties, and patterns also did quite well.

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Sunday Morning Session

Purple will not die. How is purple leading? Purple?? It is closely followed by Red, but bear in mind that the Red tally includes ties with dominant enough Red components that they are partially counted. Purple is owning it big time.

Orange is still nowhere to be found. It rarely gets much love (refer to our Tie Trackers from previous Conferences), but to not be represented at all is rare. Let’s see if that changes in the final session!

We’ve had far more interesting patterned ties this time around, especially this session. President Monson wore a pretty bold blue blue tie with gold/yellow accents. Wild

One session to go. Ties will be worn. Trends will be shirked. Fashion will be achieved. Conference will be experienced.

Priesthood Session

We can’t tell you. It’s a secret.

OK, but really, not a ton to note. Pretty straightforward, but what is up with purple paisleys? Three of them out of three sessions of Conference? This is insane, people. Insane! The Gospel has been turned on its head!

No orange ties yet. Will the color of Ukrainian revolutions rear its ugly head tomorrow? Tune in and find out!

And, of course, the Silver Fox changed his tie, but so did President Monson, rocking this gorgeous mauve paisley.

Saturday Afternoon Session

We can just say this: Elder Nelson’s tie looks like it was bought from Mervyn’s in the late 90s and was just found in the back of his closet this morning. Bold move to bring that bad boy out.

Elder Stanley G. Ellis struggled with emotions throughout his remarks, but his solid, yellow, “Virtue Tie” will forever live on in Tie Tracker lore. “Yellow” is no longer a color as far as we are concerned.

And the Silver Fox does it again! He always changes his ties in between sessions. Always!

Other notes – purple and paisley are both alarmingly strong so far. We do not see this very often. Last October, we didn’t see a paisley tie until the last hour of the Sunday Afternoon session.

Saturday Morning Session

Well, Stripes came out swinging in this session, especially President Eyring’s incredibly bold tie. Paisley also had a disproportional representation, especially the tie of Elder Craig A. Cardon, who wore what we regard as the most audacious Conference we’ve ever seen! Brown paisley, with silver stripes and polka dots in random areas. It was so out there that we had to give partial credit to other categories.

We bow to you, Elder Cardon. We bow.

What will happen Saturday Afternoon?!


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