Episode #173 – Weed and Barney, LLC

Do not sit on the weed.
How do you feel about dating non-LDS people? Kevin Barney loves it. Deseret Industries shortens hours due to Obamacare. A Mom is held in Mexico for WEED!
Do not sit on the weed.
Do not sit on the weed.

This Week in Mormons cannot be stopped. Where others have failed, we will thrive into perpetuity.

Hope you’ll join us on this week’s show, where we talk about all sorts of wacky, fun stuff.

Kevin Barney, the coward, talks about dating outside of the Church. Because he is an authority on courtship and procreation.

New York Times Magazine runs an awesome article about BYU’s digital animation program, providing a window into BYU as a whole, and a broader look at young Mormons. Really cool article.

The Affordable Care Act hits Deseret Industries, resulting in fewer hours per employee. How do you feel about health care in the United States?

A Mormon mom is held in Mexico for allegedly smuggling a whole bunch of sticky weed across the border. She was also attempting to illegally import cornballers.

The Church’s Bible Videos production wraps up in Goshen after three years. Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride. Will the Church make more movies? Lease the Goshen studios to other firms? What does this mean for your weekend?

And other news: The Church responds to Boy Scouts welcoming gays, even saying as much as, “Well we weren’t the ones excluding gays from our troops.” Finger-pointing is fun. A new film about Ephraim Hanks, of Martin and Willie handcart fame; some gay stuff with Josh weed. And more!

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