Episode #182 – Still Feeling a Man’s Hand on Me

The author of a 2011 NYT piece about getting sexy instead of getting faithful writes a book! Why do Millennials lose faith? And we have a new project!


So much to do! Hope you’ll join us for another round of Mormon news and topics. We love doing it. You love hearing it. It’s a perfect symbiotic relationship.

First off, please sign up for our new gospel study initiative. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Why do Millennials lose faith? A great CNN piece on modern religion and young folk.

The author of one of our favorite pieces from 2011 – the “Feel a Man’s Hand on Me” piece about struggling with not sexing it up when being single in the Church – has written a book about her travails in the wilderness. No, literally. She actually talks about feeling the spirit of trees and nature. From Mormon to Wiccan, as we always say.

Also, what is up with , “I’m spiritual but not religious”? We think it is a complete load of garbage.

In other marriage talk – an open letter to singles ward bishops encouraging those bishops to stop guilting the heck out of everyone. Also, what do Mormon men want? We’ll give you a hint: it starts with “s” and ends in “x.”

Yeah Samake manages to be irrelevant in Mali’s election, but we saw this coming.

Assorted news: no skinny ties for missionaries; Are we human or are we Sunstone? The Fort Collins Temple groundbreaking is announced under the threat of terrorism; Kansas City reviews the MTC (courtesy of Peggy Fletcher Stack); a missionary is among the survivors of the train crash in Spain (see below); the Church massively overhauls history.lds.org; and some choirs are coming to Utah!

Rub my belly for good luck:


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