Facebooking the Brethren

The Church recently created Facebook pages for the First Presidency and the Twelve. We rank their popularity based on their number of Facebook followers.

Many of you know that at This Week in Mormons, we love useless stats. Every six months, we bust out our General Conference Tie Tracker, which shows us fashion trends throughout General Conference. But now, as the First Presidency and the Twelve have sojourned into the wilderness of Facebook, we see it fitting to keep a tally of who is winning the race for social media dominance. Early results aren’t surprising – President Monson leads, followed by President Uchtdorf and perennial favorite, Elder Holland. Perhaps most surprising is that Elder Quentin L. Cook, the first General Authority to write a blog, is down in the dumps. Come on, “Quentin’s Quandaries”! Please see the updates below for daily information.

Update: 30 September 2013, 1:30 PM MST

Time for our pre-Conference refresh. As always, we look forward to using Facebook likes to measure the perceived popularity of remarks by the Twelve and First Presidency in the wake of General Conference. There’s almost always a big shakeup of the rankings.

Elder Holland is falling hard and falling fast. While most of the top of the pack have carried 20-22% growth in the past month, Elder Holland has scraped out a mere 9.46% growth rate, dropping him three points and into the land of the Bottom Dwellers. That’s new territory for him.

We’re also pleased with the impressive rise of Elder Hales. He who spent nearly a year at the back of the pack is now comfortably in the top 6, though a resurgent Elder Bednar could change all that.

But really, where’t the love for President Eyring, you guys?

Update: 22 August 2014, 1:20 PM MST

Welp, we took a substantial break. Not much changed among the Bottom Dwellers, but Elder Oaks has absolutely surged while President Uchtdorf has fallen quite a bit.

This does make us ask, is the progressive Dieter Uchtdorf not resonating as much with the overall body of the saints as culture warrior Dallin H. Oaks? Interesting stuff to think about.

That and some of the Brethren have barely any Facebook activity to speak of. Come on, Brethren! Take Elder Bednar’s advice and get more active on this stuff! These are our Pauline Epistles!

Update: 28 May 2014, 8:00 AM MST

No apostle is safe! The mighty Elder Holland has fallen from his comfortable third-place perch all the way down to sixth. SIXTH. Passing him is your new bronze medal winner, Elder Richard G. Scott, a resurgent Elder Oaks, and that social media-savvy Elder Ballard.

The other big surprise is Elder Hales. He who was once left in the bottom of the standings month after month has now leapt from eleventh to seventh place. Impressive, Elder Hales!

The bottom of the order sees no major changes, except President Eyring, who has fallen another slot. Seriously, what gives? It’s PRESIDENT EYRING. Support him, people!

Update: 29 April 2014, 9:30 AM MST

April has been a turbulent month. After most of the Brethren got a shot in the arm from General Conference, we’ve now seen them jockey for all kinds of position in the weeks since.

Look at how far President Eyring has fallen. The man used to battle it out with Elder Holland for #3 on our list. President Eyring now ranks among the Bottom Dwellers, which is just nuts.

Also incredible has been the ascent of Elder Scott and the surprising fall of Elder Bednar. Elder Bednar reliably sat in the #4 slot for the first 7-8 months of Facebooking the Brethren. He is now at #10.

Other news: Elder Andersen just can’t crack 50,000 Likes. We blame it on his comments about us being more important than trees.

Update: 5 April 2014, 9:30 AM MST

We wanted to get a quick update in before General Conference, in case we see the same results we did in October.

Wow! Lots of change, and we’ll have to see if anyone gets a post-Conference bump. Elder Scott has surged and now sits in fourth place.

Why does President Eyring fall? People! He gives some of the best talks around! And now he’s dropped to sixth place??!

Elder Hales also continues to ascend. It’s remarkable that the man who clung to the bottom for so long is now a solid 10,000 Likes ahead of our new perennial cellar dweller, Elder Andersen.

Update: 18 march 2014, 10:30 AM MST

Things are quiet for the most part with no one having changed ranking over the past few weeks. However, we are seeing that the middle of the pack consistently boasts higher growth rates than the First Presidency or the Bottom Dwellers. Are the people flocking to the Twelve instead of the Prophet? Are we going to face another succession crisis?!!!!!

Probably not, but James Strange sure was fun.

Update: 23 February 2014, 9:30 AM MST

Whoa. We get lazy with an update and all heaven breaks loose! Most of the Brethren have experienced double-digit percent growth, but a few, like President Eyring, have been anemic.

First off, Elder Scott has finally passed Elder Oaks in the rankings. This is the first time anyone in the Top 6 has yielded position. Elder Oaks also fell beneath Elder Nelson.

Elder Hales continues his unlikely ascent and now sits in twelfth place, though it’ll take a lot for him to leapfrog President Packer.

Update: 28 January 2014, 1:00 PM MST

It finally happened! And in a big way, at that. Elder Hales is, for the first time in Facebooking the Brethren history, out of the cellar. He even leapfrogged two Apostles on his way up. Congrats, Elder Hales!

Therefore, the inevitable has happened. Elder Quentin L. Cook, the master of apostolic blogging, is at the bottom of the heap.

Other notes: Elder Scott is really giving Elder Oaks a run for his money. Look out, Dallin!

Update: 17 January 2014, 8:25 AM MST

Citizens! The biggest news since our last check-in is that Elder Hales, long left behind by others and never out of the cellar since we started Facebooking the Brethren, is within striking distance of Elder Christofferson. A mere 150 Likes separate them. Wowza!

Also, Bednar Rising. Sounds like a movie title, but it’s real life.

Update: 2 January 2014, 8:50 AM MST

Happy New Year, friends. We took a bit of a break for the holidays, but it looks like we didn’t miss much, save President Packer falling back into the Bottom Dwellers. Elder Nelson has surged, perhaps owing to his allowing primary children to surround him with song during that video in the Christmas Devotional. Yup.

Update: 12 December 2013, 8:35 AM MST

The Christofferson-Andersen-Cook dance continues. A trifecta of caprice!

Update: 4 December 2013, 10:15 AM MST

Yeah, so we took a bit of a break.

But look! President Packer continues his ascendancy! It’s slow going, but if he can get 600 more Likes, he’ll eclipse Elder Scott. Elder Scott represents the “unattainables,” or those who have gone untouched and not moved position (save a little bit between President Eyring and Elder Holland) since we started tracking Facebook stuff. So keep an eye on the old fella.

Also, Elder Hales. Now well under 1,000 Likes from Elder Christofferson. Sad.

Update: 19 November 2013, 11:05 AM MST

Yarg! We haven’t checked in in a bit. Behold, President Packer has risen to his highest rank yet! Can he even chase down Elder Scott?!

Elder Anderson just can’t make up his mind, though. Stop this dance, Brethren!

Update: 10 November 2013, 5:05 PM MST

Some continued seesawing over the past week. Elder Perry has now narrowly escaped the clutches of the Bottom Dwellers, sending President Packer down to the low riders.

That said, we’ve expanded the Bottom Dwellers from six to seven so that we can visually see the ongoing race between these two great men. This is serious, people!

Also, Elder Christofferson tumbles. Badly.

Update: 4 November 2013, 9:45 AM MST

Well since our last check-in we’ve seen a bit of key movement. The middle of the order tends to outperform our main leadoff hitters, but don’t expect any major lineup reshuffling near the top.

However, President Packer actually took down Elder Perry by a mere 8 Likes. Elder Perry now resides amongst the so-called “Bottom Dwellers” for being in the bottom six.

Also, Elder Andersen is within 2 Likes of Elder Christofferson. These two just love dancing around each other.

Update: 29 October 2013, 10:15 AM MST

It’s been a week or so since we last checked in. Not many changes, but President Packer keeps inching toward Elder Perry. The L Train has been a strong performer ever since the Brethren hopped on the Facebook wagon, but he now runs the risk of being overtaken by the man, the myth, and the legend.

Update: 21 October 2013, 8:30 AM MST

Elder Cook is putting the pressure on Elder Andersen. Who knows what will happen. Who knows!

Elder Bednar has had a good showing

Update: 17 October 2013, 9:30 AM MST

Dieter is settling in now, but President Packer continues to go and go. He’s now within about 150 Likes of Elder Perry. Come on, Elder Perry! You’re a linebacker!

Also, for the first time in any recent memory, Elder Hales is within 1,000 Likes of anyone. Look out, Elder Cook.

Update: 15 October 2013, 9:10 AM MST

Not a ton to report. President Packer is chipping away at Elder Perry, but not very quickly. President Uchtdorf continues his strong showing even a full week after Conference ended.

Update: 11 October 2013, 9:15 AM MST

The post-Conference bump has finally stopped, but all is not lost! If, by some miracle, President Packer keeps up his pace, he could pass Elder Perry in a week-ish. That’d send Elder Perry into the ignominious world known as the Bottom Dwellers.

Update: 10 October 2013, 9:15 AM MST

Things are settling down a bit, but the numbers are still higher than usual. Elder Hales is the big surprise, posting the highest growth rate of anyone, which has been unheard of up until now. It would take a lot for him to somehow overtake Elder Cook, but we need to believe. Believe, people! Believe that Quentin can occupy last place! Believe!

Update: 8 October 2013, 9:45 AM MST

The post-Conference bump is waning, but still present. We’re down beneath 1% growth for everyone, but still far ahead of the .2% trickle that became common as the Brethren settled into their social media positions.

Also, Elder Nelson randomly passed always-reliable Elder Perry. L. Tom has shown plenty of resilience over the past few months, but apparently everyone loves surgeons and catch phrases.

Update: 7 October 2013, 9:50 AM MST

Well the initial surge on Saturday leveled off a bit, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t see continued strong performances all around, especially from President Uchtdorf. Indeed, he has seen 11.5% growth since before Conference started. Pretty impressive.

Also, we failed to note that Elder Holland has once again passed President Eyring. When this Facebook journey started, Elder Holland jumped out the gate, but slow and steady wins the race, and President Eyring eventually caught up and held his position. All it took were some remarks about mental illness and the devotion of everyone who has ever used social media, and Elder Holland is back ahead.

Update: 6 October 2013, 9:10 AM MST

Wow, talk about a Conference bump. It’s easy to gauge the public’s preferred speakers over Conference based on the growth of many.

President Uchtdorf surged by nearly 8% yesterday thanks to his landmark talk.  Elder Holland also posted impressive growth. Heck, even Elder Hales surged yesterday, finally getting closer to everyone else.

Also, Elder Christofferson leapfrogged two other Apostles, and President Packer made a strong bid to get out of the Bottom Dwellers. However, Most of those leapfrogged or approached will be speaking in today’s sessions, so the surge might be short-lived.

Update: 5 October 2013, 9:25 AM MST

You know, the incredible thing is that after all this time, we still h ave a crop of the Brethren who are within a few hundred Likes of each other. Pretty crazy that it hasn’t spread out as much between them at this point.

We’re excited to see if anyone gets a Conference bump. Stay tuned!

Update: 4 October 2013, 8:40 AM MST

It’s been a few days since we checked in. Elder Cook appears to be solidifying his position against Elder Christofferson. So that’s happening.

Elder Bednar is doing very well, though he’ll never catch Elder Holland, nor will Elder Oaks catch him.

Also, President Monson has way slowed down.

Looking forward to Conference! Hope you enjoy it, and we hope you’ll follow our Conference Tie Tracker.

Update: 1 October 2013, 9:50 AM MST

Oh Elder Christofferson, how the mighty fall! Ol’ Elder Cook has now passed you in the rankings, sir! What shall be done???

Also, about half of the Brethren had growth rates of .22%, and it was all the fellas in the middle. Weird.

Update: 30 September 2013, 9:10 AM MST

As a bit of sidekeeping, we’ll probably only maintain this page regularly up through a bit after General Conference, as we want to see who gets the bigger post-Conference bump. After that, we’ll revisit now and again, but the typical growth rates are pretty slim and predictable outside of special events, and there are fewer trends to behold.

President Monson’s showing at the General Relief Society broadcast certainly helped him move up a few ticks. Also, Elder Bednar has grown a lot just because, well, he’s Elder Bednar.

Update: 27 September 2013, 10:00 AM MST

Congrats to Elder Bednar for winning the percentage growth sweepstakes!

Update: 25 September 2013, 9:05 AM MST

Elder Perry – from first to worst? He’s been the slowest in the past 24 hours, which is a shame, because we are big supporters of the L Train.

Update: 24 September 2013, 12:00 PM MST

*Yawn*. We’re excited to see if the upcoming General Conference boosts anybody.

Update: 23 September 2013, 10:20 AM MST

We failed to report it yesterday, but Elder Hales crossed 30,000 Likes! We need to market this great man better.

Update: 22 September 2013, 1:05 PM MST

Alright, alright, so we missed a day for the first time since we started this, but everyone was too busy anyway watching BYU lose.

It doesn’t look like we missed much, with most of the Brethren still posting growth in the .30-.40% range, except Elder Cook, who experienced a .73% surge and is now within about 20 Likes of Elder Christofferson.

Update: 20 September 2013, 10:25 AM MST

Talk about a slow day. Was it some sort of bank holiday in Utah? Earlier in the week, we thought Elder Hales might pass 30,000 Likes by today or tomorrow, but yesterday he added 60 Likes.  60. Let’s see how we are on Sunday.

Update: 19 September 2013, 9:45 AM MST

First off, Elder Andersen’s Facebook page is down or wonky or something strange.

Other than that, today’s winner is the ever-consistent L. Tom Perry, who just shines and shines like a shining shiner.

Update: 18 September 2013, 10:30 AM MST

Normally we’d be excited to see Elder Andersen closing the gap on Elder Ballard, but he’s burned us before, so we’re just going to assume that by tomorrow, Elder Andersen will be within 15 Likes, but by Friday he’ll be back to something like 90. At least he’s consistent in the ebbs and flows.

Update: 17 September 2013, 10:00 AM MST

Big day for Elder Bednar during an otherwise quiet Monday.

Still waiting on Elder Hales. If he hits 30,000 Likes, it probably won’t be until we approach the weekend.

Update: 16 September 2013, 1:35 PM MST

Elder Hales still can’t crack 30,000. Like molasses.

Update: 15 September 2013, 1:10 PM MST

Elder Nelson, still riding the CES wave and besting all others. This man! A visionary!

Update: 14 September 2013, 8:50 AM MST

Yo yo! Slow day on all fronts. We encourage you to get some falafel, instead.

Update: 13 September 2013, 9:10 AM MST

Throwback Thursday was a quiet day on the General Authority front. Only Elder Scott did anything neat.

Update: 12 September 2013, 9:55 AM MST

Elder Andersen just can’t keep wind in his sails, or gas in his tank, or whatever other metaphor you want to use. He’s like a non-committal woman with these ebbs and flows.

Update: 11 September 2013, 9:40 AM MST

Whoa! President Packer! Slow down there, guy!

Update: 10 September 2013, 9:15 AM MST

Elder Nelson continues to ride his CES wave with yet another day of double-the-average growth, further distancing himself from President Packer. Don’t look for President Packer to get off of the “Bottom Dwellers” list anytime soon.

Update: 9 September 2013, 10:10 AM MST

Well, Elder Nelson did get a bit of a CES Fireside bump, resulting in about double the number of Likes than he tends to get a day at this point. So bully for him.

Update: 8 September 2013, 1:15 PM MST

It was a lonely Saturday on most fronts. Elder Andersen slipped a little bit against Elder Ballard, and President Packer continued closing the gap on Elder Nelson.

President Monson’s growth rate has slowed to a trickle, even if he gets more overall Likes each day.

Update: 7 September 2013, 2:45 PM MST

Late post today! Sorry. Elder Andersen is only 17 Likes away from Elder Ballard! Keep the fight alive, Neil!

Update: 6 September 2013, 9:00 AM MST

Well, we started digging around more to look for any trends on the number of followers between one Apostle and the fellow above him. The clearest trend is that President Packer is slowly – to the tune of 20-25 Likes per day – creeping up on Elder Nelson. At that pace, without any significant change, President Packer could overtake Elder Nelson within the next two weeks. However, Elder Nelson might get a fireside bump after this Sunday, so we’ll see.

After briefly overtaking both Elders Ballard and Christofferson, only to fall behind the former, Elder Andersen is consistently making inroads, now trailing Elder Ballard by only 17 Likes. If he keeps up that clip, he could easily retake his previous position as soon as this weekend, if not by tomorrow.

Update: 5 September 2013, 10:00 AM MST

Hey kids. Give some love to Elder Hales. Come on!

Personally, we’re growing tired of this dance in which Elder Andersen and Elder Ballard are engaged. Guys, just decide who leads whom!

Update: 4 September 2013, 9:30 AM MST

It’s like Elder Andersen sees Elder Christofferson on his heels and the former picks up the pace! He shall not be caught!

Update: 3 September 2013, 10:10 AM MST

Elder Andersen continues to slide and Elder Christofferson is showing some promise. Only 26 Likes separate the two.

We’re especially curious to see if the CES Fireside with Elder Nelson gives him any sort of post-fireside bounce. Stay tuned!

Update: 2 September 2013, 12:25 PM MST

Get out of here. Go cook a hot dog.

Oh, but Elder Scott is glistening.

Update: 1 September 2013, 1:15 PM MST

Happy September. We’ve been at this for many weeks.

Not much change for this weekend, though we’ve seen higher numbers than usual. Elder Perry continues to perplex.

Update: 31 August 2013, 9:30 AM MST

Come on, Elder Andersen! Show some backbone!

Update: 30 August 2013, 9:15 AM MST

His Imperial Majesty Dieter F. Uchtdorf continues to perform well, but all in all, we have very much settled into a pattern. 0.3% growth is pretty typical every day now, with a few random exceptions, like President Monson’s birthday. Indeed, you can see how much the chart has leveled off.

Update: 29 August 2013, 9:10 AM MST

Nothing to see today, folks. Go get yourself a smoothie.

Update: 28 August 2013, 9:40 AM MST

We would just like to say how unfortunate it is that Elder Hales gets so little love. Turn it up, people! Naturally, the only way to make a difference is to Like his page and not Like the others. Should you need an approved list of others to Like, we offer: Elder Scott, Elder Andersen, and President Eyring. Do not, at any cost, Like Elder Cook.

Update: 27 August 2013, 10:40 AM MST

President Uchtdorf! Surging over the past 24 hours. Of course, his only obstacle to domination is none other than President Monson, with over twice as many followers. Ain’t gonna happen, Dieter. Sorry.

Update: 26 August 2013, 10:20 AM MST

This was not the Sabbath that result in big Facebook love. Elder Perry continues his impressive pace and has a chance at catching Elder Scott if it holds.

The Bottom Dwellers™ keep see-sawing. Stop it, guys!

Update: 25 August 2013, 1:00 PM MST

What? Now Elder Cook loses a handful of Likes? Something suspicious is afoot, methinks.

Update: 24 August 2013, 3:25 PM MST

Did we miss something? Why did Elder Cook have such a totally awesome day? He’s now within spitting distance of average-performing Elder Christofferson.

Update: 23 August 2013 9:00 AM MST

A pretty slow day, really. We have nothing super neat to report, except for Elder Scott once again besting everyone else in terms of growth rate. He’s still over 1,200 Likes shy of Elder Oaks, though.

Update: 22 August 2013 8:25 MST

Well President Monson did very well on his birthday, doubling his typical percentage growth.

Everyone else mostly stayed the course, though Elder Scott had a big day. It’s a pity the chasm is now too wide for him to have any realistic chance of catching Elder Oaks, though.

Update: 21 August 2013, 9:30 AM MST

Oh Elder Andersen! You tease! How you have fallen. Elder Ballard just passed you, which is ridiculous. Fix this. Also, Happy Birthday to President Monson! Wish him well, will you? We’ll be interested to see if the Prophet’s Facebook page gets a surge out of birthday good will. Check back tomorrow to find out.

Update: 20 August 2013, 9:00 AM MST

Ahoy! How far will Elder Christofferson fall? The unthinkable appears to be happening – Elder Cook might pass Elder Christofferson. This is a sad day. Elder Oaks has been performing nicely, and President Packer just won’t let up. We predicted a week ago that Elder Andersen might eventually pass the Pride of Brigham City, but now we’re not so sure. If anything, the former is merely keeping pace with the latter.

Update: 19 August 2013, 9:45 AM MST

Elder Christofferson just keeps on falling. Even that famed car dealer, Elder Ballard, has passed him. What gives, Elder Christofferson?

Update: 18 August 2013, 8:30 AM MST

President Packer appears to be here to stay. While Elder Andersen keeps chasing him, Boyd just continues to surge. Also, Elder Perry keeps leading in growth rate. Interesting. We’d love to see what’ll happen when any of the Brethren speak at a CES fireside or the like. Will there be a CES bump?

Update: 17 August 2013, 8:30 AM MST

Fridays are clearly boring days for General Authority Facebooking. Elder Perry boasted our best growth rate – 0.49%. Yup.

Update: 16 August 2013, 8:05 AM MST

It has happened! Elder Andersen, after being close enough to Elder Christofferson to whisper threats into his ear, has passed the man with the silver pompadour. Are his sights now set on President Packer? Could be. Only 110 Likes separate the two, and Elder Andersen could close that gap in a week. Of interesting note: President Monson has seen the greatest percentage slowdown of anyone this week. Law of diminishing returns?

Update: 15 August 2013, 9:35 AM MST

FIVE! That is all it’ll take for Elder Andersen to tie Elder Christofferson. This can happen! Other than that, a reasonably slow day.

Update: 14 August 2013: 2:45 PM MST

First off, because of some traveling, you might notice the times of day of late haven’t represented perfect 24-hour periods. We are working back to it. Come on, Elder Andersen! The man was within FOURTEEN Likes of Elder Christofferson yesterday, but now he’s 26 away. Not good. Surge, sir. Surge! Also, Elder Bednar is Reaganing.

Update: 13 August 2013, 7:00 PM MST

Come on, Elder Andersen! Take D. Todd out! Take him out! We’re also seeing a continuing surge by Elder Oaks, and one of Elder Holland’s best days in weeks.

Update: 12 August 2013, 4:10 PM MST

Elder Andersen is rocking it hard. Look for him to pass Elder Christofferson in the rankings by this time tomorrow. A mere 23 Likes now separate the two. This is both a testament to Elder Andersen’s steady, high growth rate and Elder Christofferson’s failure to keep the people pumped. The other big story today is definitely Elder Oaks. While everyone else cruises along with under 1% growth rates, Elder Oaks came out of nowhere yesterday and grew by 2.72%. We haven’t seen numbers like that in weeks.

Update: 11 August 2013, 11:00 PM MST

Sundays are a big day for all of the Brethren, with nearly double the growth as seen on other days of the week. Way to be spiritual, Church faithful! And kudos to President Eyring, who did the best of anyone today.

Update: 10 August 2013 10:45 PM MST

Elder Andersen! What a dark horse! He has overtaken the ever-sinking Elder Ballard and is on pace to eventually surpass Elder Christofferson in total likes. Elder Andersen also has the highest overall growth percentage rate among any of the Brethren, even beating President Monson. In other news, Elder Holland continues to slow down, but he had such a huge start that we doubt Elder Bednar will ever beat him. The number of Likes each day has slowed into a pretty steady trickle, and it’d take far too long for Elder Bednar to ever take down Dixie’s Patriot.

Update: 9 August 2013, 10:00 PM MST

Sorry for the late update, folks. Packer rising. Ballard falling – President Packer has passed Elder Christofferson in his overall ranking, but the real surprise has been Elder Andersen, who, for the majority of this experiment thus far, has happily settled for the rear of the pack. However, he has shown surprising tenacity with loads of growth over the past day. That, coupled with an anemic performance by Elder Ballard, and Elder Andersen looks ready to strike for a higher position.

Update: 8 August 2013, 7:20 AM MST

The Bane of Brigham City is on the rise! That’s right, folks. President Packer cannot be stopped. He’s now within ONE Like of Elder Christofferson. One of the most consistent things we’ve noticed while doing Facebooking the Brethren has been Elder Packer’s slow consistency with higher growth rates. In fact, outside of President Monson, President Packer has the highest growth rate among all of the Brethren.

Update: 7 August 2013, 8:25 AM MST

Well Elder Christoffeson managed to eke out a personal win, making up for lost ground and finishing with a few more followers than he had two days ago. Elder Perry continues his surge, closing the gap with Elder Scott at about 500 Likes. Of interesting note – Elder Holland has had the slowest overall growth since we started tracking Facebook growth for the Brethren. He’s a full 7 points lower overall than the next highest Apostle.

Update: 6 August 2013; 7:35 AM MST

Well just when we thought things were settling in, the past day has given us some surprises. First, Elder L. Tom Perry has passed Elder Nelson in the rankings. WWII stories beat cardiology! And Elder Christofferson actually lost followers over the past day, which we haven’t seen yet. He slipped by a small percentage – .14% – but it’s a decrease, nonetheless. The rest of the Brethren are chugging along, with Elder Oaks seemingly unwilling to yield his slot to Elder Scott, despite continual pressure.

Update: 5 August 2013, 11:00 AM MST

Elder L. Tom Perry is gunning for Elder Nelson! We could soon see a clash of octogenarian greats! Also, Elder Cook is mini-surging. Nooooooooo!

Update: 4 August 2013, 7:15 AM MST

Come on, President Monson! You are so close to 100,000 Likes, but your growth has slowed to about .5%. We gotta do beter! Are there more members of the Church than the nearly 100,000 who Like President Monson? Yup. Make it grow, brethren and sisters, make it grow.

Update: 3 August 2013, 7:15 AM MST

Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

Update: 2 August 2013, 6:40 AM MST

Alright, now it’s just sad. 1.24% growth as the maximum? And Elder Hales, you’re not doing yourself any favors by having the slowest percentage growth – .97%. How are you supposed to beat Quentin? The initial surge is dying down, folks. Elder Scott could likely pass Elder Oaks, but their growth is so slow right now, it’ll take ages for it to happen.

Update: 1 August 2013, 6:15 AM MST

Snoozefest. EVERYONE is within .3% of each other in terms of growth, thus making for a rather unceremonious end to July. Let’s see what August brings. We’re still leaning on all of you to push for Elder Hales. You can make it happen!

Update: 31 July 2013, 7:00 AM MST

Well heck, even President Monson’s growth rate is now slowing down. Surprisingly, the best growth belongs to President Packer. The top brass are slowing down, in general, while the middle of the order seems to just chug along. We do predict that if current trends hold, however, in a matter of a week or so, Elder Richard G. Scott will, indeed, pass his nemesis, Elder Dallin H. Oaks, in the rankings.

Update: 30 July 2013, 6:45 AM MST

President Monson cannot be touched. The man is running away with victory. He’s beating everyone in percentage and real number growth. Seriously, the guy adds as many followers in an hour as Elder Cook does in two days. Quentin, o Quentin. Elder Holland continues to slightly slip, but given Elder Bednar’s better, but equally glacial, growth rate, it’ll take forever for Elder Bednar to catch ol’ Jeff. Granted, the glaciers are melting, so…. What is fascinating is how uniform growth is for most of the other Brethren. We’re talking a range of .3% growth between nearly all of the Twelve. Yes, the numbers themselves are widening because of this, but there’s yet to be a breakout moment from, say, L. Tom Perry. We’d keep an eye on Elder Richard G. Scott, though. He’s a potential dark horse to overtake Elder Oaks. They keep getting closer together. You…can win at social media.

Update: 29 July 2013, 6:45 AM MST

A ho-hum Sunday for all involved. We haven’t seen much more other than President Monson’s continuing crushing of the competition.  It’s a good time to be Thomas S. Monson. We’re just hoping that Elder Hales can get some traction. Come on, folks! He’s within 400 Likes of Elder Cook! Take Quentin down!

Update: 28 July 2013, 1:10 PM MST

Whoa! The rise of President Packer and the fall of Elder Ballard! Also, Elder Quentin L. Cook has fallen to second-to-last place, only about 400 Likes ahead of Elder Robert D. Hales. Other positions have remained the same for the most part, but the chasm is widening between President Eyring and Elder Holland, so this switch of position is likely permanent. Our condolences to Elder Holland, who seemed like a strong player from the get-go, possibly giving President Uchtdorf a run for his money. That said – and we know the ladies love the Silver Fox – how is President Uchtdorf slaying President Eyring by so much? President Eyring is a total rock star. Give him more love, people.

Update: 27 July; 8:05 AM MST

Stay the course. No rankings shifts, though President Eyring is slowly pulling away from Elder Holland, thus leaving the Twelve where they belong, as a separate, but equal, quorum to that of the First Presidency. Take that! But Elder Cook had  a good day, with impressive growth! He’s once again within striking distance of President Packer. Likewise, President Packer’s threat against Elder Ballard appears to have been a ruse, though Elder Ballard only leads by a whopping 5 Likes. This is probably as it should be, but over the course of an hour or so, the members of the Twelve tend to receive only a handful of Likes. President Monson, on the other hand? The man tacks on a few thousand with every beat of my heart.

Update: 26 July, 2013, 6:15 AM MST

It has happened! President Eyring grew by just enough to pass Elder Holland by fewer than 100 Likes. Of interesting note, Elders Holland and Bednar have shown the slowest growth of late, which speaks to an initial surge in popularity, but then a leveling off along with everyone else. Still, there are 10,000 Likes between consistent bottom-dweller, Elder Hales, and Elder Holland, the consistently highest-ranking of the Twelve. That’s a big spread. If we take Elders Holland and Bednar out of the equation, though, the spread is only about 2,500 Likes. Showing remarkable resilience for a man mostly confined to a chair, the Fire of Brigham City, President Packer, has tied with Elder M. Russell Ballard and will likely pass him by some point today.

 Update: 25 July, 2013, 6:45 AM MST

Well shoot. This slowdown is worse than that Lehman Brothers one from 2008. After experiencing massive percentage growth across the board on Tuesday, it appears that the Pioneer Day holiday slowed stuff right down yesterday, with no one even breaking 2.5% growth. Also, no change in position for anyone, but President Eyring is gaining on Elder Holland! A mere 110 Likes now separate them! Tomorrow could be the day that justice is served!

Update: 24 July 2013 6:15 AM MST

What a surge in followers in the past day! President Monson leads in both real numbers and percentage growth day after day, with an 8.8% growth rate. Elder Holland is slowing down and there are now a mere 170 Likes between he and President Eyring. At this rate, President Eyring could eclipse Elder Holland by tomorrow. Elder Quentin L. Cook has floundered again, allowing President Boyd K. Packer to pass him. It appears that these two are bent on battling for the antepenultimate spot on the list. The middle of the pack stays steady, showing about even percentage growth (7.5%) and maintaining their positions. What will tomorrow behold? Bookmark this page and find out!

Update: 23 July 8:15 AM MST

Quentil L. Cook has leapfrogged President Packer, seeing 4.27% growth overnight compared to President Packer’s 3%.  The slowest overnight growth came from, surprisingly, Elder Holland at 2.5%. Will Elder Holland’s rise to #3 be front-loaded, only to be surpassed by a surging President Eyring? Stay tuned.

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