Episode #195 – The Sisterhood of the Traveling Church Pants

Should pornography be blocked by default, requiring an opt-in with your ISP? One woman discusses her struggle with pornography addiction. Also Idaho sucks.


Stay with us for the whole show this week, because it’s a good one! Lots of good discussion, peppered with laughter and the occasional insult. All in love, of course.

Should we stop allowing pornography by default? I new petition at We the People wants just that – making users opt-in to porn use with their ISP. But what is porn? How do we define it? Where do we draw the line for what is censored and what is not?

Also, great article on the struggle of women with porn. That’s a perspective we don’t often get, and the story of one woman who has fought the good fight for number of years really shows us the other side of the coin.

Idaho has problems. First, they can’t decide if they want the Meridian Idaho Temple to be where it will and look how it will. Now, they are miffed that an office building allegedly resembles a temple?! Get the net, people!

The Church marks 100 years with Boy Scouts of America, for better or worse. Also, does Scouting really prepare young men and leaders not to be idiots? We look at the recent destruction of natural landscape in Goblin Valley as an example.

A quilt of all quilts has been made of the pants worn during last years’s Wear Pants to Church Day. Yes, friends, who, too, can see this fine bit of textile wonderment if the Smithsonian ever accepts it.

Cannabis oil for kids? Utah Mormon moms and one Utah legislator say yes.

Halloween is not an excuse to be a skank. Seriously.

President Uchtdorf attends a mission reunion for a mission in which he did not serve. He just wanted to hang with dudes who spoke German. Was für ein toller Kerl.

Other news: massive food poisoning at a Church potluck in Nevada, same-sex marriage in Europe and how Mormons feel about it, is wealth inequality something we should be more concerned about? BYU is not the healthiest school in America, lame Buzzefeed lists, and more! So much more!


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