Episode #198 – Fighting Pornography with Libraries

A spirited debate on the past ways to fight pornography. Should all pornography be opt-in? Also, the MTC expands, and updates on Philippines missionaries.


A… spirited… show for you this week. What better to do when three-fifths of us are in Tahiti than have a lengthy debate about the best ways to combat pornography? Truly, we are wizards. You’ll rarely hear Al and Geoff so diametrically opposed to one another. Except, of course, in cases of whose wife is the hottest. Because Al has no wife. And Geoff’s wife is a total babe. Seriously. She’s insanely hot.

The MTC gets a preliminary expansion plan, and it’s not into the missionaries’ recess field or protruding into the neighbors’ skyline.

All missionaries in the Philippines are OK after Typhoon Haiyan, but most are being relocated to other missions within the Philippines. We have updates on everything.

Yet another Meridian Magazine article comes under fire, this time from a YSA bishop who has upset some of the ladies with his rhetoric about modesty and intimacy.

Wear Pants to Church Day Part Deux is on its way! Mark your calendars for December 15, when everything changes.

Other stuff: Salt Lake City is US Bible City 2013. Yeah, figure that one out. Why don’t Mormons produce great writers? Missionaries attacked in Kosovo. And Michael McLean has a new musical that no one cares about!


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