Episode #199 – No Virgins Among Them

No Al! Four-person panel of married people this week! Can Mormon leaders learn from Pope Francis? Lots of opinions on this. The Church rocks YouTube. Y más!


We venture into new territory this week. With Al lost in New Zealand, this week’s show is brought to you by a panel of two married couples – Joe and Marj Peterson and Geoff and his wife, Danielle. Let us know how you like the dynamic!

Can Mormon leaders learn from Pope Francis? Do we see parallels between the changes in Catholicism and changes in our own church? Jana Riess argues that we are failing. The Church rebuts Jana Riess. Fun all around.

Does pornography equate to infidelity? A provocative new article argues that yes, it does. Just because you aren’t physically touching someone else doesn’t mean you aren’t being unfaithful by viewing the ol’ porn.

BYU Crushes! Greatest. Facebook. Page. Ever.

One article about the Philadelphia Temple construction gets copied by everyone else. In related shattering news, smoking and swearing are not allowed on-site, and someone – but we don’t know who – PRAYS before working on the site.

A man kills himself at the Las Vegas Temple. Seriously tragic stuff.

The Church is huge on YouTube! Better than Apple! Oh yes!

Other news: the Mormon History Guy starts a podcast, Deseret News goes national, missionaries injured and a member die in Ukraine, 28 tips for marriage, and Mormon chapels from around the world!

Please give Joe, Marj, and Danielle your love!


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