Episode #203 – Utah is Fabulous

Gay marriage in Utah becomes the law of the land. Do Mormons believe in obeying the law? What does this mean for the Church's involvement in gay marriage?


Merry Christmas to all! Hope you had a great holiday and apologies for the late show this week. We are fed and fatted and ready to bring you the best in Mormon news and commentary.

The big news this week is same-sex marriage being legalized in Utah. Yes, friends, Utah – that red state of red states – is now in fine company with New England, California, New Mexico, and others in allowing full marriage rights to gay couples. What does this mean for the Church’s involvement in efforts surrounding same-sex marriage or the preservation of traditional marriage? We break it down.

Gimli puts down his battle ax and sings with the Tabernacle Choir. Then he leaves to find the Ark of the Covenant.

What are the Top Mormon Stories of the Year? Deseret Book knows and we don’t care.

Also, is David Archuleta more important than other missionaries? Will you nominate This Week in Mormons for Mormon of the Year? You should. Thank you for not having kids! And more!


Every missionary should be on TV.

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