Episode #206 – Let My Missionary Go

With so many more missionaries, is there now not enough work for each missionary? How can a missionary be more productive? Mitt Romney dances!

What a tremendous week! A Super-Sized week! And Al is knocked up on Novocaine, so all is well!

Sadly, we did not win Mormon of the Year. Some dude named Darius Rucker Gray who  has some history with race and the priesthood and has, like, communed with the Brethren won. Pft.

Are there now too many missionaries? A few people in the know tell us that some mission presidents just don’t know what to do with so many missionaries. There isn’t enough work to go around yet, it seems. We have our own thoughts and ideas. We also dissuade missionaries from being idiots on Facebook.

Per last week’s discussion, the Church has released a statement reminding bishops and others that gay marriages, ceremonies and receptions are not to be conducted on Church property. Period. One step forward and two steps back?

A new, privately-done Church almanac really gives us hard data that Salt Lake would never bother to publish. It’s terrific work and we hope you’ll give it a look.

Voter registrations in Utah have been released. President Monson is a Republican. WHAT?!

Other news: Open house dates for the Ford Lauderdale Temple; pictures of the Gilbert Temple; “I’m A Mormon” needs a refresh; Mitt Romney dances with Alex Boye; Ashley Chapman of Mormon Bachelorette fame gets engaged; the Church’s dating criteria is smart, says Canada.

And more! Make sure to listen to the entire show!


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