Episode #207 – Elvis for Bishop

Do LDS women expect too much from dating? Is Elvis alive and serving as a bishop in Missouri? Do Mormons need to bow to societal pressure to be "modern"?


Do LDS women expect too much from dating? Are they entitled princesses? Are sweeping generalizations of millions of women founded in logic?

There’s been a bit of a firestorm over at the Salt Lake Tribune over the past few days, as one op-ed argues that the Church needs to be more “modern,” which seems to mean bowing to societal pressure, while a rebuttal argues exactly what I just typed in the previous clause.

Elvis is alive. He lives in Independence, Missouri, and he is a Mormon bishop, thus proving the controversial belief that bishops have lives outside of being bishop.

Does the spirit really go to bed at midnight? REALLY?

A missionary is struck by a car in Jamaica, but he appears to be doing better – i.e. not another missionary death.

Half of Tonga’s Mormons have been displaced from a cyclone? Don’t worry about the non-Mormon citizens, folks. They’ll be OK.

Gilbert Temple open house is underway. Send us your impressions, would you?

Also, there’s going to be a THIRD temple film! Salt Lake is just cranking these out.

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