Introducing – Third Hour of Power!

Third Hour of Power
This Mormon Life

This Mormon Life

Need help with the lessons from Teachings of the Presidents of the Church? Listen to 3rd Hour of Power! by This Mormon Life and This Week in Mormons!


Hey party people. Guess what? Sunday School Bonanza and This Week in Mormons just aren’t enough for us in terms of our podcasting output. We can do more, yeah?

So we thought to ourselves, “Selves, what else can we tackle in the world of Mormon podcasting?” And then we talked with the fine folks over at This Mormon Life and decided to partner on bringing you Third Hour of Power! What is this new venture, you ask?

Simple, in most wards, the third hour is priesthood or Relief Society (bear with us if you have a ward with a flipped schedule). And on the second and third Sundays of every month we have lessons from the manuals Teachings of the Presidents of the Church. This year we are studying Joseph Fielding Smith.

We decided to give you another Sunday School Bonanza-esque podcast, but one that goes over the lessons in the Joseph Fielding Smith manual. So if you are teaching or attending, listen in and get prepped. And men, you KNOW that you have Elders Quorum lessons that are nothing more than reading paragraph after paragraph. Perhaps this can help improve that.

We’re still working out some kinks with an iTunes and Stitcher feed, so we’ll post those as soon as they are available, but in the meantime, an introductory episode as well as the episode for Chapter 1: Our Father in Heaven, are up on YouTube. Watch/listen below!


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