Mormon Men Talk About Beauty – A Conversation with Ask Angela

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What do Mormon men think about beauty, sexiness, etc? Should Mormon women put up with the schmoery of Mormon men? Give us your thoughts.

112551bec70f4c98575c03d5428bd40aHi Sailors! What do or should Mormon men think about beauty? How can women be attractive while also trying to be modest? How are women not supposed to compare themselves to the sexualized images thrown out into the world? How should you react when your man glances at other women or tells you how hot someone else is? What do Mormon men find sexy?

These questions and more were asked of us by Angela Trusty of the Deseret News column, “Ask Angela.” That’s right, TWiM fanatics (Twimnatics?)!

Check out the link below for our answers and leave us yours below, will ya? Also, visit Angela on Facebook.

Mormon Men Talk About Beauty … and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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