Episode #209 – The “M” Word (Not Marriage)

Did the Church just declare a war on masturbation? Not exactly. Let's get our facts straight. A new article on DNA and the Book of Mormon is awesome. Y más!


Will Al be single forever? Will you? Some thoughts on dating and how many people are bad at it.

As we hinted at few weeks ago, missionaries are now doing daily service for a few hours per day. This is welcome news and we love seeing the face of missionary work changing from its antiquated, 19th-century agrarian model to something that makes more sense.

Building on that, The Atlantic has an incredible profile of the Church’s new program of allowing missionaries to use social media and technology to further the work. Terrific read.

The Church publishes another article, this one on DNA and the Book of Mormon. Really interesting, actually! Do we need to fix the Sabbath?

Is your Sabbath all work and no rest? The “War on Masturbation” put out by BYU-Idaho is absurd, mostly because it’s not a war on that, but on pornography and on not leaving anyone behind. The media is a complete mess when it comes to reporting this story. Get the real skinny with us.

Other news: Did you get a copy of Deseret News with our Ensign? It’s weird. We are on Ask Angela! Imagine Dragons singer talks about his mission. Salt Lake City is the most godless city in America? Mormons on the Amazing Race. Mormons on the Olympics. And 7 things you didn’t know Mormons invented.


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