Episode #210 – Eternal Bottomless Fries

The Boss

The Boss

No birth control for Church employees. So much for making your own decision. Should tithing be paid on our SURPLUS? FamilySearch expands. Was there a FLOOD?


Are Mormons biblical literalists? Do we believe the account of Noah and the Flood? What about the famed papyri and the Book of Abraham? Lots of discussion this week on topics that have been difficult for some people. This is a good episode to share with friends.

The Church enters into a pact with other genealogy outlets and now people with an LDS.org login will have FREE access to Ancestry.com. A fair use of tithing, no?

Should tithing actually only be paid on our surplus, i.e. after all necessary expenses for the month?

For anyone living under a rock, President Monson was served a court summons last week. Don’t get lost in the mainstream media coverage of it. Read this to get up to speed.

Mormons can make their own decisions regarding birth control, but the Church won’t put it on its health insurance for Church employees. This means BYU teachers and CES employees, too. We think this is weird.

Do parents “snowplow” their children? Find out what that means in this episode.

The Relief Society now has a general board consisting of sisters outside of Utah and the US. Google Hangouts, FTW!

Rumors are swirling about a cancellation of the one-year waiting policy for anyone (worthy) who opts to get married civilly first for family or other reasons.

Other news – there are 40,000 people in polygamous relationships in Utah (WHAT?!) Pedestrians are hurt at the Gilbert Temple, no camels in the Bible, so the whole thing must be false, Church hits back about Salt Lake being “godless,” and plenty of talk about Red Robin.

We hope you’ll listen in! Share share share share share.

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