Episode #214 – Ordain Women: Part Deux

Ordain Women goes for the Million Mormon Ma'am March on Temple Square. Will you join them? Is there bullying at Church? BYU gets a new president. Bye, Cecil

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Ordain Women goes for the jugular! Another march on Temple Square. The Million Mormon Ma’am March! Will you be joining them this coming priesthood session? Ordain Women fascinates us. Good discussion.

Bullying. The Church makes a great video on it (see below), and it leaves us to wonder – how much awfulness is in our wake because of how dumb we were as teenagers? How many souls were lost because of adolescent stupidity?

Cecil Samuelson will be released as president of Brigham Young University. He shall be replaced by a man who once attempted to woo Al away from Hawaii, current dean Kevin J. Worthen. Look out, Cougars.

So Ordain Women wants women to have the priesthood, eh? Well a new blog argues that men, too, have some demands in the name of “equality.” Also, is the male version of feminism just called “minism”?

Are women reduced to nothing more than sex objects when all we ever discuss is their need to be modest for the sake of apparently uncontrollable, hormone-bound men? It’s ridiculous and we need to rethink how we address modesty.

Other news: the Book of Mormon musical is coming to Salt Lake; MoTab will be performing an Easter concert; President Uchtdorf speaks to historians; and the Church officially buys 2% of Florida.

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