Episode #215 – Nobody Puts Kate Kelly in A Corner

Kate Kelly's Ordain Women denied access to all of Temple Square over Conference. Why? What defines an apostate? Elder Bednar talks temple sealings and kids.


Kate Kelly and Co. at Ordain Women received some unpleasant news this week from the Church’s public affairs department. Ordain Women won’t just be denied entry to the priesthood session of General Conference, but will be denied entry to Temple Square, period, as “protests” are relegated to the public streets outside of the square.

So who’s right? Who’s wrong? Why is there no CSPAN of the Brethren’s meetings? How on earth will we know if they are talking about us?

What does it mean to be “apostate”? We throw that term around too liberally, and one blogger has had enough!

Elder Bednar clarifies some doctrine about kids being saved just because their parents are sealed. Apparently this is a thing.

President Monson, like Harry Potter in Order of the Phoenix, is cleared of all charges in the UK. Shocker.

All non-Venezuelan missionaries are out of Venezuela due to civil unrest. Crimea is also still a mess for everyone.

LDS.org publishes an article on citizenship. But how do we reconcile being subject to dictators in our push for freedom? As Al puts it, should the Church have a letter read to the saints in Russia, telling them Putin is a kook?

Other stuff: the Church opens a European Union office; regional stake conference via Salt Lake suck; Utah bows to pressure from the Church on liquor laws; Ft. Lauderdale Temple open house tix are available; Mormons on Amazing RaCE; is there a double standard on modesty at BYU?

And much more. Big show for you this week.

Click here or die. Spiritually:

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