Ordain Women Live Chat – Salt Lake Tribune

Kate Kelly of Ordain Women sits on a Hangout with Neylan McBaine of Bonneville Communications and Julie M. Smith of Times and Seasons. Give it a watch!

Agree or disagree with Ordain Women’s purpose, you can’t deny it’s at least interesting to take in. The Salt Lake Tribune just held a Google Hangout moderated by Jennifer Napier-Pearce with Kate Kelly, founder of Ordain Women, Julie M. Smith, a blogger at Times and Seasons, and Neylan McBaine, brand strategist at Bonneville Communications. The women here share some viewpoints and disagree on others. It’s a pretty good back and forth.

Give it a watch below, and make sure to check out this week’s podcast episode, also dealing with the current back and forth with Ordain Women.


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