Episode #219 – John Wayne, Saddam Hussein

Happy Easter week! Check out the Church's awesome social media initiative, "Because of Him." Also, the Church sues a Mormon dating site. Also, Cliven Bundy.

As we wind down from General Conference’s afterglow, the hard-hitting issues of the day have now smacked us in the face. But fear not! This Week in Mormons is here to make everything better. We are your shelter from the storm. We are your candle on the water. We are the wind beneath your wings.

Is the Church in a bid to take over the Salt Lake Tribune? What would this mean for journalistic freedom and integrity, or lack thereof? Should we fear a Church-controlled news market in Utah?

Cliven Bundy is Mormon. Is his high priests group leader among those protecting his cattle? Only we have the answer, because Al knows the Bundys.

Sister missionaries are receiving greater roles within missions, such as the chance to speak and be heard. It’s amazing. But seriously, while they are not zone or district leaders, they are receiving more responsibility over sisters throughout their respective missions.

The Church embarks on an ambitious Holy Week/Easter campaign called “Because of Him,” utilizing the hashtag #becauseofhim. Lots of videos, memes, et al. What are you doing to appreciate the Easter season?

In more nefarious news, the Church is actually suing a Mormon singles dating site, arguing that the Church owns the intellectual property “Mormon” and images of the Salt Lake Temple. What? How? Is this very podcast a violation of the Church’s perceived intellectual property?

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is embarking on an East Coast tour this summer. And by “East Coast,” we mean DC metro, NYC, and Boston. So unless you live there, tough poop.

President Uchtdorf meets with President Obama and both discuss the perils of being born abroad. Also, they talk about immigration reform.

Other news: the first-ever online missionary, a Pleasant Grove woman kills her infant kids and puts them in the garage, Ordain Women in The Atlantic, and the Book of Mormon briefly tops a lit of “most life-changing books,” only to be eclipsed by Mein Kampf.

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