Episode #220 – Missionary Charm School

The Boss

The Boss

Do Mormons give Easter enough pomp? Gospel Doctrine is changing soon. Our take. Jabari Parker goes pro and won't be a missionary. BYU gets sued by donors.

TWiM_EP220ytDo Mormons not celebrate Easter adequately? Really? Do we need more pomp, blood, and, you know, Catholicness?

Gospel Doctrine is set to get undergo some serious changes, aligning it more with the format used for Young Men and Young Women. Is this good? Is it too limiting? Will it dilute the power of the scriptures? Will it create discussion where lecture currently reigns and ruins?

“Because of Him” nets over 5 million YouTube views. Good on you, Church.

Jabari Parker is going pro, and Al is disappointed. Should he have gone on a mission? Can people really “be a good missionary” in any other way than actually being a missionary?

A family of longtime BYU donors is now suing BYU over misappropriation of their donated funds, as well as hounding their son received. It seems that BYU is imperfect, people. You must accept this.

Also, BYU is issuing a survey to its students about their sexual orientation. Listen in to find out what it’s all about. Hint: it reminds us of the recent referendum in Crimea.

Assorted items: a soon-to-be contestant on The Bachelorette dies over the weekend; a meetinghouse in Nevada is vandalized twice in one month; the Church buys more of Florida; and do missionaries need cotillion?

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