Episode #225 – Clandestine Meetings with Women

The Church meets with an ostensibly pro-status quo women's group but still refuses to meet with Ordain Women. Also, Ordain Women has curricula! Listen in!

We love women. The Church loves women. Everyone loves women. But why did the Church meet with a reasonably ineffectual pro-status quo women’s group and refuses to sit down with Ordain Women? What gives?

Speaking of, Ordain Women’s next step involves discussions, of the missionary-esque variety. Six discussions will go in-depth on why women might feel maligned within the Church, how a patriarchal system has impeded women’s progress, and other things. It’s pretty interesting. Check out the links below.

Shawn Bradley gets a 30 for 30 mini-documentary, and Al hates Shawn Bradley.

Patheos gives us a wonderful article on being patient with the Lord. Satan is the one who is happy to give us answers and explanations on the spot. The scriptures show us the God functions in his own time and rarely reveals everything to us before asking us to simply exercise faith and obey. We love it. We hope you’ll read it.

Daniel Peterson points out two alleged errors in the Book of Mormon and how to understand them. We wish he would go on a polemic about the more serious “errors” in the Book.

Random news: FamilySearch is adding more Civil War records, the Church is donating wheelchairs in the Philippines, the old LDS Business College building has been donated to the University of Utah, and other exciting things!

Plus, Ty Burrell loves Salt Lake City and is, therefore, a celebrity Mormon.


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  1. Waiting on the Lord
  2. Church meets with Mormon Women Stand
  3. Ordain Women enters Phase 2
    1. Six discussions
    2. Getting Started
    3. Discussion One: See the Symptoms
    4. Discussion Two: Know the History
  4. Defending Book of Mormon “errors”
  5. Church to donate wheelchairs in Philippines
  6. Missionary dies in Honduras
  7. Ty Burrell loves Salt Lake
  8. FamilySearch adds Civil War records
  9. Mormon Toms
  10. Music for this week’s show. We own none of it and just want to promote!
    1. Intro: “Softer” – Jimmy Eat World
    2. Outro: “Nothing” – Editors

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