Episode #226 – The Underground Mormon News Network

Church PR head speaks out on women's issues. Ordain Women has a response. Did Nephi regret killing Laban? Get all your Mormon news and commentary here!

A Utah school airbrushes more modest clothing onto girls in the yearbook. Seriously. In America. In 2014.

LDS public affairs czar Michael Otterson writes an interesting open letter about women’s rights and issues within the Church, questioning the Church’s critics and offering guidance of his own. Ordain Women, while not named in Brother Otterson’s article, come back with their own response. Never a slow week in Mormon news.

Did Nephi actually regret killing Laban? One writer thinks so. What do you think?

Does Mormonism suffer from the Pareto Principle? Compelling thoughts from Jana Riess.

Deseret News appears to be padding its numbers on weekend circulation by enclosing its national edition with random local papers. Yup. Gotta take down that Trib.

We have some updates on the lawsuit levied by the Church against  the Mormon Match dating site. This is truly a baffling exercise in intellectual property protection.

Did you know Elder Christofferson’s brother is gay? He is, and he has an interesting story which he shared at the North Star conference in Salt Lake.

Other stuff: Cambodia gets two stakes, the Church gets official recognition in Vietnam, Mongolia builds wacky buildings, the boring story of a missionary who got sent home from Ukraine, should you Twitter at Church?, and so much more!

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