Old Testament Lesson 21: God Will Honor Those Who Honor Him

Eli's sons fail to honor the Lord by stealing from sacrifices and seducing women at the temple. Eli fails to reprimand his sons. Samuel is called! Listen!

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Eli’s Sons, Eli, Samuel, Kings! Sunday School Bonanza!

sundayschoolOTsmall1 Samuel 2; 3; 8

  • The Sons of Eli commit serious transgressions and don’t honor the Lord
  • How did this affect the people?
  • How did Eli respond? Why was he himself chastised for failing to honor the Lord?
  • Why did Samuel not recognize the Lord’s voice at first?
  • Why did Israel want a king?
  • This lesson is awesome!
  • Danielle Openshaw is your host
  • Teacher’s manual
  • Student manual

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