Episode #230 – Mormon Heisenberg vs Hobby Lobby

Geoff Openshaw

Geoff Openshaw

How does the Hobby Lobby ruling change things for the Church and perceived religious freedom? A drug dealer is an active priesthood holder. Ordain Janitors!

What does the Hobby Lobby ruling actually mean for the lives of women and those seeking healthcare? What does it mean to Mormons? Why does the Church support the Hobby Lobby ruling by the Supreme Court?

Jabari Parker gets drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks but forgoes a Mormon mission in the process. It’s not really our place to judge, but what do you think of skipping a mission because of fame or the opportunity to use one’s exposure to “be a missionary”?

Speaking of, idiot missionaries in Salt Lake place a flagpole atop Mt. Olympus with concrete and all. They have now been forced to remove it. This is what happens when we send 18-year-olds into the real world unsupervised.

An active, Melchizedek Priesthood-holding man in what we can only assume is Ogden also sells heroin on the side. He even pays tithing on it. Yes, this is real.

Militants in eastern Ukraine take over a meetinghouse. No word on the outcome.

Jamaica gets its first stake ever while Japan loses a stake, so we’re on neutral ground as far as net loss/gain.

The Church issues a very clear statement on apostasy, but Kate Kelly and Ordain Women appear undeterred, with Kelly arguing that the statement actually exonerates her. We shall explain all.

Remember that guy who got into a fight a year ago over his pew being taken? Well he’s now been convicted, and he’s off to the big house for thirty days. We salute you!

Saturday’s Warrior is making a comeback in an updated, contemporized form.  We cannot wait. We cannot!

Plus, a third temple movie is coming out this month. Get prepped!

Assorted news: Ordain Janitors – is it time to pay people to clean our buildings again? A missionary dies in Madagascar; a chair enchanted by a Seventy can be yours; 170 years since Joseph Smith’s death; and a petition to have local Church leaders screened before being allowed to meet with children.

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