Episode #232 – The K.I.D.S. Incorporated Temple

Former attorneys general of Utah John Swallows and Mark Shurtleff arrested on multiple corruption charges, but will they receive Church discipline? Listen!

Have the origins of the Book of Abraham caused you or someone you know to question your faith? The Church has published another in its series of “hard issues” articles, this time dealing with that famed papyri translation. We discuss its components and our own thoughts on the Book of Abraham. What are your thoughts?

Two former attorneys general of Utah are brought up on all sorts of charges. What exactly are John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff accused of? And more importantly to many who cry foul over Kate Kelly’s excommunication, should Swallow and Shurtleff also receive disciplinary counsel?

We get cited in an article about whether City Creek is analagous to Solomon’s palace being larger than the temple. Interesting thoughts.

A Utah State student murders family members. A crazy guy in Texas murder ties up a Mormon family and executes them. Terrible news.

Is the Mormon Moment REALLY over? Like, for realz? We thought a nice New York Times piece might elucidate the situation, but it’s really just an op-ed from an Ordain Women supporter.

William Atwood, an Albertan from Canada’s Alberta, returns from his mission to the Philippines and tackles his mom. This isn’t just a tackle. This is a weird canoodle-fest on the airport floor. We’ve seen that carpet. Bad idea. Even in Canada. Where it’s a worse idea. Because Canada.

Have you noticed an extra push on temple work lately? We’ve had multiple home teaching messages on it, the FamilySearch tree app is now out of beta and live on iOS and Android, and the youth of the Church even now have a temple challenge, courtesy of Elder Neil L. Andersen. Interesting how things not-so-coincidentally fall together, eh?

Building on that, Manhattan missionaries make a big family tree in Union Square for all to enjoy and amend. Cool times.

Mormons really don’t like Obama’s job as president. This isn’t altogether shocking, but speak up, silent minority!

The World Congress on Families plans to hold its 2015 meeting in Salt Lake City. This is a difficult area. The Church likes pro-family groups and Elder Dallin H. Oaks is even an honorary member of WCF’s board, but WCF has also played a big role in discriminatory legislation against gays in other countries, such as Uganda. Should we reassess our choice in bedfellows?

And Strangers in Zion aims to eradicate excommunication. Because Kate Kelly was framed, we tell you. FRAMED!



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