Episode #236 – Depression

Robin Williams' death inspires us to talk about depression. Does depression affect you or a loved one? A girl will change BYU's Honor Code to allow sex. Yup.

Greetings from the South!

Robin Williams’ death leads us to think about the way depression affects many of us. Did Williams sin by killing himself? Do we need more compassion toward those who suffer from depression? YES. Great discussion.

Does Mormon tradition fail women? Al loves this stuff.

A wily minx lady at BYU has decided to change the Honor Code to allow sexual relations. She will not be deterred!

Mormon temples are worth a lot of money. It’s true!

So what’s up with the pornography-that’s-not-pornography on HBO and Netflix shows and how many Mormons are OK with it? We seriously want your input on this!

Ordain Women changes its six “discussions” into “conversations.” It’s all in semantics, people.

The Church sends aid to Iraqi Christians fleeing ISIS and also sends aid to residents of Gaza.

…and your listener mail! Send us more!


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