Episode #243 – General Conference Cometh

With General Conference coming, we discuss our predictions and hopes. Lots to discuss. Also, a recap of the Women's Meeting, and Evangelical Harry Potter!

Time for General Conference predictions! What will happen? What do we want to happen? You’ll get it all here. Plus, temple predictions.

Did you watch the General Women’s Meeting? We did. We have plenty of thoughts on it, including how social media has now “sold out” because the Church’s official channels are all over Twitter. So sad.

The Rome Italy Temple is “bad for ecumenism” per a Catholic Cardinal. Well you know what? We’re here to stay, good sir! Updates.

BYU “students” hold a “protest” about allowing beards in the Honor Code dress and grooming standards. They ride unicycles to make their point, thus rendering their point moot.

A Mormon invents the invisibility cloak!

President Monson tweets and then disappears by changing his handle! Tease!

Also, Evangelicals have created a fan fiction of Harry Potter where wizards = Christians and Voldemort is out to nix religious freedom. It is… glorious.

Other news: the Church registers mormonsandpolygamy.com per WhoIs, actress Mayim Bialik loves Mormons, Elder Holland explains modern cinema per Meet the Mormons, and much more!


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