Episode #248 – Braving the Woes of Women

Followup on last week's polygamy essays. Kate Kelly loses her appeal. President Eyring is off to the Vatican. Men are wimps with women. Missionary horror movies!

We join you partially from Ireland. Don’t say we don’t love you and sacrifice to serve you. We would rather be kissing the Blarney Stone.

Should religious films get a so-called “free pass” from critics because they are propaganist by nature? Or do they have an obligation to still be great art?

In following up on last week’s polygamy essays on LDS.org, some writers want more. Do we have a place to push the Church to say even more about controversial topics? Do we pressure the Church to disavow certain things?

Have you ever received a “good Mormon” discount in Utah? Many have. Is. This. Just??

Kate Kelly loses her appeal on excommunication. She shall not be dexcommunicated.

Big news on the BYU/CES/Seminary curricula front. More topics-based classes are being formulated over the traditional chronological slog through a book. Good? Bad? What’s your take?

The us-proclaimed future Oscar winner, “Missionary,” releases its trailer. Do you like thrillers about psychopathic missionaries? You DO?! Then we’ve got the film for you.

Also, President Eyring and others will be off to the Vatican for a religious conference. This is just cool. We’re excited to see what happens. Heck, we’re excited to see President Eyring with the Pope.

Other news: Why aren’t kids going to youth dances? General Women’s Meeting is now officially part of General Conference. Meet the Mormons continues its box office drop. Horror Mormons!


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