Episode #253 – Mormons of the Year

Do Mormon leaders hold off on implementing new policies because of outside pressure? We talk excommunication. Plus, spiritual doctrines in Interstellar.

Curious about how the film Interstellar taught Al spiritual truths? Listen in.

John Dehlin and Kate Kelly write some pieces explaining why they think Kate was excommunicated but John hasn’t been (yet). Interesting pieces, and we wrote a post to break it down for you.

Two more top LDS leaders leave the Republican Party and switch to “unaffiliated.” Between the First Presidency at the Quorum of the Twelve, nine are registered Republicans and six are now unaffiliated. Is “unaffiliated” code speak for “Libertarian”? Are the unaffiliated ones more moderate or too conservative for the GOP? WE WANT ANSWERS!

Some girls in Mesa, Arizona get kicked off of their softball team (allegedly) for (allegedly) refusing to take part in a team prayer. These girls also (allegedly) played lots of evil rap music that (allegedly) bothered the other girls.

An interesting piece on Christ not leading a “petty church.” What the author describes is the popular understanding that sometimes the Church intends to implement something new and/or progressive for the benefit of the saints, but because of actions by X or Y, the Brethren then hold off on implementing said blessings. Examples in question relate to Ordain Women’s actions and how they might have backfired internally.

So does this happen? If it happens in the way described, does it bother you?

People give us flack for posting a picture of a racist missionary. We are cyber bullies, apparently. And now we will be suing you all for libel!

Hey! It’s time for Mormon of the Year again! Go nominate whomever you like, but nominate us, because we are awesome and have spread rumors about potential temple changes.

Other stuff: BYU has fans everywhere; Ordain Women wants to teach us about things we don’t know; kids dance; fake and real Mormon Tinder; Joseph F. Smith kidnapping plot; a car crashes almost into the Lubbock Texas Temple.


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