Episode #258 – Give ’em a Cluster

Missionary mental health; Bryce Harper's wedding; BYU beards; the new "cluster" unit; clumsy woman sues Church; DC Temple models; and high council fashion!

BYU amends its beard ban, allowing one to express religious freedom so long as one is not LDS.

A great story out of the Deseret News on mental illness and missionaries. This is an evolving area of focus for the Church, but we’re glad to see more attention given where it’s needed. Did you or anyone you know cope with mental illness while serving?

Joseph Smith and Brigham Young are named among Smithsonian’s 100 most significant Americans of all time.

Bryce Harper’s wedding was canceled. WHY? Listen in and we’ll tell you nothing.

Ordain Women publishes photos, but No Ordinances Were Carried Out in the Making of These Photos™.

The Church has a new unit – the cluster! It’s a subdivision of a ward or branch, basically, and we think it’s pretty rad.

Woman falls off zipline at bishop’s house. Woman sues bishop. Bishop’s insurance sues Church. Church tries to help all. Woman asks for SIX MILLION DOLLARS in damages. The lesson: do not have a zipline in your hard. And lesson #2: Always have waivers.

The First Presidency and Mitt Romney attend the BCS Championship in Texas. Sort of.

There’s a new cutaway model of the Washington, DC Temple, and you should all take your friends to it. We’ll have an East Coast TWiM party. Hit us up.


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