Episode #263 – Expecto Missionalis

Missionaries in Belgium have an awesome experience with their very own "Yes Man;" Mormon sexuality is misunderstood; do you believe in the afterlife?

Missionaries are held captive in Albuquerque. Better call Saul!

In a much cooler story, a Flemish television presenter who has vowed to say “yes” to everyone runs across some LDS missionaries, and agrees to talk with them about the gospel. The result is a pretty cool little video. Watch it below at the bottom of this post.

Mormon sexuality is misunderstood, and much of it is our own doing. So how do you feel about sexy Mormon times? The Huffington Post ran a thirty-minute video discussion with a handful of therapists, academics, and even an active and gay Mormon man about sexuality within Mormonism.

BYU got a heart-shaped piñata. All are punished.

The LDS Bachelorette has returned, and we don’t love it. Come on, Erin Elton. Stand by your (sort of former) product!

Other stuff: Mormons believe in an afterlife more than everyone else; Prime Minister David Cameron receives his genealogy from Church leaders; a former bishop loves Jewish food so much he opened a deli in Salt Lake; there’s a bloody history for Mormons in Jackson County, Missouri; and the Church’s new Family Discover Center is pretty cool.


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  1. Missionaries held captive
  2. Say yes to the missionaries
  3. Mormon sex lives
  4. The return of the LDS Bachelorette
  5. Mitt Romney is not a terrorist
  6. BYU heart piñata
  7. Reuben-worshiping Mormon
  8. Belief in the afterlife
  9. The bloody history of Jackson County
  10. David Cameron receives family history
  11. Family discovery center

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