Episode #267 – The Temple Thief

Should we care that the Polynesian Cultural Center, owned by BYU, sells non-Word of Wisdom foodstuffs? Utah passes LGBT legislation. Mitt Romney boxes!

Utah brings back firing squads, but why? Is “blood atonement” a real thing that guides Utah politics?

Meet the Mormons grossed about $6M at the box office, and the Church recently donated the proceeds, totaling $1.6M to the American Red Cross. Good job!

It turns out one can purchase coffee, tea, etc. at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie, Hawaii. This has left us perplexed, for the PCC is way more obviously LDS than, say, City Creek. It’s actually run by BYU.

Cyclone Pam has hit the Pacific hard, and as of recording, there are still a few missionaries in Vanuatu unaccounted for.

A sister missionary in Argentina dies of E. coli, of all random things. And in the process, we learn that the Church swings pretty hard for the grieving families if their missionary dies in the field.

Utah’s LGBT anti-discrimination passes the state legislature. Even mainstream media have praised the Church for pushing hard to pass the bill. Is it truly a compromise?

The Salt Lake City 1st Stake is dissolved. #1. Not in chronology, but in order. All the rest of you in SLC stakes are now off by a quantity of one in your nomenclature.

The Church has announced what are likely the final temple dedications of the year: the rededication of the Mexico City Mexico Temple and the dedication of the Tijuana Mexico Temple. All told, that’ll be five new temples in 2015 and one rededication, which makes for a banner year.

Mitt Romney is going to box Evander Holyfield and our lives are complete.

A guy in Rexburg actually steals from people AT THE TEMPLE.

Wanna sing with MoTab? They have a way to make you feel included in their upcoming Atlantic tour.

Also, gun control and hunting!


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