Episode #268 – Beards of Sin

Why do we decry beards in Mormon culture?! Also LDS Church involvement in UT politics, missionary-centric Church history sites, and ... tithing!

Seriously, what’s up with the stigma about beards? Why do many church leaders passively nudge men to be clean shaven? What’s up with that? How is this still a thing?

BYU endures a catfishing scandal. The real crime is that these women put up with it for YEARS.

Are we still getting the same benefits from our church history sites? A piece at By Common Consent discusses the watered-down history now available in Nauvoo but the rise of testimony-bearing in place of education. Your thoughts?

Missionaries are not going to be on Facebook for the next few months, so you won’t get canned messages in your groups. But we have the real skinny on why they are gone and when and if they are coming back.

Meet the Mormons is coming to home video, and with it, over an hour of bonus features, including an entire segment that was cut about an Italian-born artist. Football coaches > artists.

We discover and interesting article by a former member of Utah’s state legislature in which the heavy influence of LDS lobbyists is discussed. It makes sense, but we don’t want to pretend we are comfy with every aspect of it. Some of it is pretty galling.

Other stuff: new scripture translations are going digital before print; there’s a ward council app; you’ll soon be able to (more easily) pay tithing online; a tour of the homes of prophets; Glenn Beck gets mantled (WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!); we have zero tolerance for sexual abuse, Ancestry.com’s founder is arrested for sexual abuse; and a Russian documentary says Mormon missionaries are American spies, even the non-American ones.

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