185th Annual General Conference Temple Predictions

Bangkok Thailand Temple
Every General Conference, we wait with bated breath for new temple announcements, but which areas, if any, will receive new temples this year?!

Mormon General Conference

Alrighty, after a veritable onslaught of temple announcements over the past few years, President Monson stated a year ago that there will not be any new temples announced in the “immediate future.” Obviously, that came as a blow, since I had spent countless sleepless nights compiling a list of my Top 10 temple announcement predictions. Alas.

So that being the case, my official prediction stands at zero temples announced, but that doesn’t rule out some announcements. We have plenty of temples under construction or announced:

Under Construction:

  • Córdoba Argentina*
  • Payson Utah*
  • Trujillo Peru*
  • Indianapolis Indiana*
  • Tijuana Mexico*
  • Rome Italy
  • Philadelphia Pennsylvania
  • Sapporo Japan
  • Fortaleza Brazil
  • Provo City Center
  • Hartford Connecticut
  • Fort Collins Colorado
  • Paris France
  • Meridian Idaho


  • Star Valley Wyoming
  • Concepción Chile
  • Lisbon Portugal
  • Urdaneta Philippines
  • Winnipeg Manitoba
  • Barranquilla Colombia
  • Durban South Africa
  • Kinshasa DRC
  • Tucson Arizona
  • Arequipa Peru
  • Cedar City Utah
  • Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Considering five of those will be dedicated this year, and we keep slogging along trying to get construction going on Rome once more, we’re pretty darn busy.

That said, we might as well predict some temples, anyway! We never know what might happen. I’m gonna stick with a Top 5 this time.

5.  Puebla Mexico

Puebla Mexico Temple

Argument for:

Puebla has two missions. It’s legit. It is also one of the areas in the world with the largest number of stakes but no temple. The Mexico City Temple has one of the largest number of stakes assigned to it worldwide. Closest temples are Mexico City, Veracruz, and Oaxaca, the latter two being so-called “mini” temples from the Hinckley era.

The Mexico City Temple will be rededicated later this year, which while in theory means there is even less need for a new temple, it also means a functioning temple nearby can absorb everyone in its area while a new one is constructed as a relief temple.

Argument against:

See that whole “largest number of stakes assigned to a temple” thing above? You know how that translates? Poor temple attendance. The Mexico City Temple has a reputation for having weaker attendance. Why should nearby Puebla get a temple, then?

Many argue that if Mexico is to get another temple, it should go adjacent to the new MTC that was converted from the Benemerito school in Mexico City. Pretty much every MTC worldwide also has a temple next to it, so this could make sense.

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