185th Annual General Conference Tie Tracker

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Join us as we use our Tie Tracker™ to assess the latest in neckwear trends during the 185th Annual General Conference. No tie left behind.

185th Annual General Conference Tie Tracker

Once more we are with you to rejoice and traipse about, conducting the deep emotional tango known as the General Conference Tie Tracker™. After many years of bombshells, what can we expect from this year’s proceedings? Which style will dominate? Will striped patterns continued their inexorable march toward justice? Will someone finally wear orange again? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by watching General Conference live and following along with us to assess all things neckwear.

Building on that, we always love your input on the Tie Tracker™, so follow us on Twitter and help us out with some of the ties that are less clear on patterns and style.

We’ll refresh the breakdown after every session. Refresh this page to see updates to the grid below!

Sunday Afternoon Session

We finally had some variation during the ultimate session of Conference. Weening off our stripe dependency is important, after all.

There were finally a few textured ties – ones that might have a basic pattern, but are clearly stitched with some contours and topography. So good on that.

Also, black polka dots from Elder Hales. He’s worn it before. He should wear it again.

We’d like to give a shout out to Elder Richard G. Scott, who was unseen throughout this entire conference. We hope he’s well and that he’ll be back with us again in October. Bummer not to be able to receive his inspired words this time around.

Hope you enjoyed another beautiful time through the Tie Tracker. Until October! And make sue to listen to our weekly podcasts on Mormon news and issues!

Sunday Morning Session

Ain’t no party like a striped tie party ’cause a striped tie party don’t stop.

Once again, the Bronze Fox showed the most versatility, and we love that President Uchtdorf continues to change ties each session. It’s bold.

After leading off with many-a-red tie, blue is solidifying its position as the color leader. But will it be able to hold off red until the end? Stay tuned.

But whatevs. We’re still in a tizzy over Elder Holland’s opus.

Priesthood Session

Eh, from a fabric noose perspective, there wasn’t much to write home about. President Uchtdorf even reined it in with his comparatively chill blue-black-silver thing.

And so many stripes! Is the stripe lobby comping the Conference Center’s electricity or something? If I don’t see a paisley tomorrow, my terrible sword of justice shall come crashing down.

Beyond that, priesthood session was great, and a firm reminder of whose work this is and who His servants are on the earth today.

Saturday Afternoon Session


K, we got that out of our system.

Red surged ahead in the past session, but purple has been the true surprise. We rarely see that much purple. Building on that, Elder Quentin L. Cook’s purple tie with pink stripes is one of the best things of the conference thus far.

We also got some sweet bronze action. Pity it wasn’t from the Silver Bronze Fox.

Best Tie: Elder Michael T. Ringwood – Did you SEE that thing? Violate with carrots or something in the pattern? Bold, sir. Bold.

Saturday Morning Session

Alright, so at this point it’s a slaughter. Stripes are everywhere. It’s like we are doubling down on boardroom dominance. Frankly, it’s shocking there hasn’t been more red just to bring it all home.

But the big props this session go to President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, who wore what can only be described as an Easter egg in tie form. It was pale blue with bright pink stripes throughout. Incredible. President Uchtdorf continues to challenge LDS neckwear norms. Bless him.

Also, honorable apparel mentions to President Boyd K. Packer, who wore suspenders, and Elder L. Tom Perry, who sported a three-piece suit. Winning!

General Women’s Meeting

Lest there be any confusion, the General Women’s Meeting is now the official start of General Conference, so for the first time ever, it’s part of the Tie Tracker. However, there’s not a ton to add, save the lone tie wearer of the evening, President Henry B. Eyring. President Eyring sported a gem that he’s worn before, a striped tie that contains four colors of equal stripe size. It’s very Hal. He loves stripes. Watch throughout this #LDSCONF and you will see how stripe happy President Eyring is.

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