185th Annual General Conference Word Clouds

185th Annual - All Sessions Wide (2)
Geoff Openshaw

Geoff Openshaw

General Conference was so awesome. And now we've made some great, shareable word clouds so you can visualize each session of General Conference!

General Conference was so great. Man, we loved it. If you missed any of it, we encourage you to get back in there and catch up on the sessions. If you need a quicker primer, check out our latest episode of This Week in Mormons where we do a recap of the whole thing. You can also stream it below.

Every #LDSCONF we like to make word clouds that visually represent what was said in every session. Check them out below and feel free to share and post on your own blogs.

All Sessions

185th Annual LDSCONF - All Session

Women’s Meeting

185th Annual LDSCONF - Womens Meeting

Saturday Morning Session

185th Annual LDSCONF - Saturday Morning

Saturday Afternoon Session

185th Annual LDSCONF - Saturday Afternoon

Priesthood Session

185th Annual LDSCONF - Priesthood

Sunday Morning Session

185th Annual LDSCONF - Sunday Morning

Sunday Afternoon Session

185th Annual LDSCONF - Sunday Afternoon

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