Episode #269 – Freetown Is a Movie and a Place

The Boss

The Boss

Garrett Batty and Adam Abel of the upcoming LDS film "Freetown" join us to talk cinema; Mitt Romney disappoints Brandon Flowers; #LDSCONF predictions!

We’re joined by Garrett Batty and Adam Abel, director and producer, respectively, of the upcoming faith-based LDS drama Freetown, which depicts the true-life story of Mormon missionaries struggling to escape war-torn Liberia in the early 90s.

In other news, Brandon Flowers is really disappointed in Mitt Romney, even though they once brunched together.

Some updates: the BYU student who alleges he was kicked out of his housing for coming out as gay has settled his case out of court; also, follow up on our piece from last week about the LDS Church’s influence in the Utah state legislature.

Also, Harry Reid is retiring. Farewell, Mormon Democrats.

Did you know you can meet your true love at General Conference? Just never break the stare! GAZE INTO HIS EYES!

The first ever missionary from Bosnia and Herzegovina is off to serve in England. That’s cool.

Can Mormons engage in wine tasting? One of us is seriously asking.

Should Women’s Conference be only for women since Priesthood session is only for men??

And of course, General Conference predictions. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and keep up with our beloved Tie Tracker.

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