Episode #272 – The TWiMies

The Dundies
What challenges will the Church face in the future? Correlation? Doubt? Female ordination movements? Apathy? How do you feel about profanity at work?

What are the main challenges the Church will face as it enters its third century of existence? Correlation? Doubt? Female ordination movements? Apathy? Let’s talk about it.

How do you deal with profanity and inappropriate language at work? This is a genuine question. We want answers.

Jana Riess says that even though it’s wonderful Ms. Virginia proclaims her modesty, aren’t beauty pageants in and of themselves immodest? An interesting take.

We are going to have awards this year. Who wants to meet us at the Ramada in Mesquite?!

Other stuff: the story of six missionaries who narrowly missed being on the Titanic; new temple presidents; the world’s least religious countries.


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