Episode #273 – Apospitals

Two Apostles go to the hospital in the past week, reminding us that it's been a long time since one of them has died. Kate Kelly wins a laptop!

Hi. Welcome to this week’s show. We are here.

Did you see Kate Kelly using GoFundMe to buy a personal laptop, then upgrade her laptop needs, then donate proceeds to Ordain Women? It was glorious. So glorious that we are now taking donations for This Week in Mormons. If you love us, donate. Give us money.

Elders L. Tom Perry and Richard G. Scott were both hospitalized last week. It’s been revealed that Elder Perry has thyroid cancer and Elder Scott has gastrointestinal bleeding. At the time of recording, Elder Scott was still in the hospital, but he has since been released.

All missionaries are safe in Nepal. It’s a pity countless thousands aren’t.

The popular BYUtv drama Granite Flats is coming to Netflix, representing BYUtv’s first foray into third-party streaming.

There’s a new Central Eurasian Mission! Geoff is too geeked-out happy about this, but it’s interesting news. Make sure to check out our write up.

Mormons are masters of SEO and social media, and a new piece on Forbes goes into greater detail on Salt Lake’s machinations and strategy in the digital space. It’s really interesting.

A woman writes a BuzzFeed article in which she laments being 38 and single in Mormon culture, citing how irksome it is to be asked constantly about kids and marriage. Except it turns out she doesn’t want kids at all. So…

The US Supreme Court started hearings this week on same-sex marriage laws. A landmark ruling is expected in June. We’ve got an initial rundown for you.

Other news: The Star Valley Wyoming Temple breaks ground; FHE turns 100 (sort of); USC adds an LDS studies program; is swearing in music worse than in movies? And Utahns are pretty OK with the Church’s influence in state politics, unless you ask a Democrat.

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