Episode #277 – The League of Extraordinary Apostolic Paintballers

BYU-Idaho's health insurance doesn't comply with the Affordable Care Act; Brandon Flowers talks Mormonism; Geoff talks fatherhood; and Al talks dating.

BYU-Idaho has notified students that the university’s insurance does not meet the minimum requirements of the Affordable Care Act, so students are encouraged to find some sort of gap insurance so as not to be hit with a penalty for not having coverage come September. The question, of course, is why BYU-I doesn’t just change its insurance. Or is this due to abortion rights? Birth control? We must get to the bottom of this!

Elder Dallin H. Oaks lets us peek behind the curtain of how mission calls are issued. It’s brief, but it’s cool, and he cranks out 240 in a day. A DAY. That’s one call per two minutes in an eight-hour workday. Madness.

A woman threatens to leap from the observation deck of the Church Office Building in Salt Lake City, but the situation is resolved. Al finds the whole thing funny because magicians.

Mormons Building Bridges is once again denied participation in the Days of ’47 parade because participants can’t be pushing for any form of “advocacy.” However, isn’t basically everything some form of advocacy? What’s your take on this scandal of the century?

Brandon Flowers appears on NPR and talks about being Mormon, a father, and how he still deals with temptation. It’s a great segment.

Is Mormon dating broken? An article poses the question, then does not explore it.

In lots of other assorted news: Elder Rasband visits soldiers in Kuwait; the Festival of Colors expands to Ogden to keep Ogdenites contained; a BYU student sells a QR code scanning app to Snapchat, defying all logic; a shooting at an Arizona stake center; couple has 100 “grandchildren;” LCR being phased in; new Temple Square exhibits; and so much more!

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