Woman Threatens to Jump from LDS Church Office Building

Mormon Church Office Building
A woman scaled the plexiglass barrier of the Church Office Building's 26th floor observation deck and threatened to jump, according to officials.

SALT LAKE CITY – Church security personnel and firefighters detained a woman at the Church Office Building in Salt Lake City. The woman allegedly threatened to jump from the 26th floor observation deck.

The woman, whose identity has not been released, is said to have scaled a barricade on the observation deck around 10 AM on Wednesday, May 27. Salt Lake City Fire spokesman Jasen Asay had the following to say about it:

“It appears that the woman had climbed over the plexiglass wall and was at the railing where she had the ability to jump off. Church security acted quickly, they got up there, got handcuffs on her and the railing to keep her on the railing, keep her from jumping off, and then our crews were able to go up and free her from the handcuffs and make sure that nothing else happened.”

It is unclear whether the woman was a visitor or employee or what her motives were.

Salt Lake City police shut down North Temple on the block between State Street and Main Street during the ordeal.

Hopefully the woman will be fine and get the treatment she needs, and hopefully the Church doesn’t overreact and close the observation deck. We already lost the roof of the Conference Center to lay visitors.

No one else was harmed or threatened during the incident.


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