Mormon Church Finally Releases LDS Music App for Android

LDS Music Android Audio Player
Android users can finally embrace something iOS users have had for years - an LDS Music app

LDS Music Android Menu

Are you an Android user who has noticed that your friends with Apple devices have a Church-produced music app, yet you do not? Sure, there are some decent third-party applications out there, but Android has been left to wallow in misery without official products from Salt Lake.

Well wallow no more. The Church has just released a full LDS Music app for Android, including sheet music, lyrics, and an audio player for the Hymns and Children’s Songbook, all in Material Design glory.

The audio player is very nicely integrated, as you can see in the screenshots below, allowing for a nice upward swipe to access full controls. Otherwise, the simple play or pause button hovers over the musical annotation or lyrics.

LDS Music Android Audio Player

Unfortunately, the app crashed a few times right out of the gate. It seems that unlike the Gospel Library app, where various materials are sort of “ghosted” out until one downloads them, the LDS Music app shows all three available music materials in full color, as if downloaded, but in reality, the information won’t download until a user attempts to access a particular song. It’s not a big deal, but it could be why the app got hung up and crashed while I was trying to zip around within it.

It’s great to finally have this release, even if Apple users have had one for years. The Church seems to struggle to have enough developers for all platforms, and while they’ve certainly gotten better about concurrent releases for iOS and Android, it’s evident there is still a struggle in this regard. For example, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir released a great streaming app for iOS only in January, promising an Android release later that spring. The Android version came out in May. A few months really is no biggie, but why not Android first?

None of this is a huge deal, but from a development perspective (and admitted Android proponency), it’s still frustrating to see iOS get preferential treatment. I don’t say this to bash iOS. iOS is great and works extremely well for those who prefer it. But the majority prefer Android and the Church still develops like it’s 2010.

Obviously, precious resources are precious resources, and only so many people are available at any given time to tackle something, especially in a culture of consecration, but the point stands. We love having an LDS Music app but wish we could have had it years ago.

Still, Android isn’t Windows Phone. Sorry, Windows Phone.

Now go and enjoy all that MIDI greatness, or being able to read SATB parts instead of just lyrics as you engage in songful worship.

Get the download here!

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