Results of the Temple Garment Survey Are In!

LDS Distribution Center
Remember that temple garment survey a few months back? Well your voices have been heard your choice of temple garment is more varied than ever.

While I definitely don’t want to see LDS garments on network television, I am glad to report that all of our hard work taking those garment surveys a few months back have resulted in some changes. You may have already noticed some of these improvements, as they were implemented about a month ago.

I could not be happier that some of my most animated conversations between friends of my LDS faith were able to go to use in those many surveys.

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve already shared some observations on modified garments with your peers, and I say these with gratitude for progress and hope for the future:

  • Why do the Carinessa bottoms go below my kneecaps? (Note: I am 5 feet tall.)
  • Why did they change the fabric of the Carinessa only a few years after they introduced it? (Does any woman remember the ORIGINAL Carinessa? They were thinner, more breathable, and had a better waistband. I am not going to disclose any private information about my own underwear, but let’s just say I am very judicious about when I deem these original Carinessa as “too old.”)
  • Why does the “full cup” size only come in the Tall stature? (A Distribution Center employee once told me that it’s because the women that usually need a full cup are tall. Ummm… what???)
  • Why does the sizing change EVERY TIME I GO BUY GARMENTS?
  • Why does the slick spandex of Carinessa seem like a good idea and then I have perma-sweatstains the whole day?

Looking over these, they might be mostly women-related complaints, but hey, that Carinessa sweat mess is everybody’s problem.

Since the surveys, the church has implemented new sizing for certain women’s tops; they now come in specific bra sizes when you buy the square-neck style in Drisilque, Nylon Mesh or Cotton Poly. Beware… D-cup is still not available in petite (come on, people!) and for some reason, these new sizes do not come in the round-neck version. The new tops also have an actual HEM at the bottom, so hopefully you won’t have that little roll showing through every layer of your clothing.

And… wait for it…

They have FINALLY added a PETITE size to Carinessa bottoms for women (hooray!). The bottoms also have some new sizing; refer to the charts online. It is supposed to take into account hips and waist.

While some may not be completely satisfied with these changes, let’s just appreciate that the Church is trying to improve things with our input.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch this video.


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