Short Film about a Gay Mormon Missionary

Elder a Mormon Love Story
Via the New York Times, a short film documentary about a gay Mormon missionary in the 70s and his struggle with faith and identity.

Elder a Mormon Love Story

The New York Times released a short documentary film by Genéa Gaudet about Mormon missionary Elder Tom Clark who served in Italy in 1974. While on his mission, Clark fell in love with an Italian man. The film describes the difficult decisions this missionary was faced with when his heart and his beliefs no longer coincided.

While we may or may not agree with what this missionary decided to do, please refrain from negative comments about this person. Remember that the teachings of Jesus Christ are based on love and compassion.

We may not know how to answer big questions about this topic, but it did make me think about the pressure on young men to serve an LDS mission. Is it sometimes too much? What about those who are suffering from depression and other debilitating conditions? Is there a stigma when a young man does not serve a full-time mission? What about a young woman? How can we as Saints better recognize the many factors that influence deciding to serve a mission? These issues have been discussed a lot on the This Week in Mormons podcast, but we still don’t have all the answers.

You can see the video and article below. Disclaimer: while there is no explicit content in the film, the subject deals with a homosexual relationship, so if you are sensitive to that topic, please be aware.

Disclaimer: We’re not endorsing anything, just discussing

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