Kate Kelly Resigns from Ordain Women Board

Mormon Women's Group Leader Excommunicated From Church
Kate Kelly abruptly steps down from her role on Ordain Women's executive board

Mormon Women's Group Leader Excommunicated From Church

We’d rather you focus on the passing of President Boyd K. Packer, but news is news, and it must be newsified when it newses it front of us.

Kate Kelly, the founder of embattled female ordination group Ordain Women, has resigned from the group’s executive board, per a Facebook post. There’s little discussion regarding the reasons for Kate’s departure, particularly whether it was due to internal pressure or external factors. All we know is she has decided to “move on.”

Love her or loathe her, Kate Kelly’s role in stirring up discussion on women’s issues within the Mormon faith cannot be understated. Her methods, however, at least to this writer, were quixotic at best and combative at worst, resulting in an unfortunate clash with leaders and Kelly’s own excommunication.

There’s no word on what Kelly intends to do post-Ordain Women. She’s obviously not renouncing the organization or anything in that regard, but Ordain Women’s entire board has seen pretty heavy turnover since Kelly’s excommunication. Perhaps – and this is nothing but conjecture – there was pressure to change the messaging, rebrand, etc.

We don’t know who the new head of Ordain Women will be, so I encourage everyone to brainstorm below until we submit our final shortlist for approval. Personally, I’m pulling for Peggy Fletcher Stack. Do it, Peggy!

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